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Augmented Reality is being used for all types of applications, from advanced medical training to applications for diagnosis and treatment. The immersive and interactive features of AR are useful for a broad range of applications, and is excited about the prospects for the development of advanced AR health-related AR concepts. Apple and Android's AR development platforms now make it possible for any user to access high quality AR experiences using the camera lens on their smartphone or tablet.

With virtual graphics such as photorealistic 3D computer environments and objects, floating text associated with people, places, and things, audio prompts, navigational arrows and virtual landmarks, and much more, AR effectively acts as the interface for all types of computer experiences. To inspire prospective clients with the myriad opportunities offered by augmented reality, has come up with a host of AR concepts that offer an immediate practical benefit to the community. AR Addiction Recovery will be developed to provide a vital link for those living with addiction to keep to their rehab program and stay vigilant on their path to recovery.


Addiction continues to be an epidemic problem, and lasting solutions are very difficult. One of the key problems is the lack of ongoing reinforcement. AR Addiction Recovery can act as a personal coach with 24/7 access to reinforce positive behaviors, and to discourage negative ones.


Web-based AR offers an exciting development model for new AR health related applications. More cost effective than other development models, with savings in initial investment costs, AR also provides convenient and immediate access for the end user, with no required downloads. By lowering the threshold for participation, web-based AR is especially attractive for those in need of help with addictive behaviors.


AR Addiction Recovery could be developed as a form of 24/7 simulation therapy, with floating text prompts based on locations and reminders to maintain their abstinence, therapies to relieve cravings, alternatives to addictive behaviors, and more. To help reinforce new patterns and understand the danger of old patterns, on-screen options could include both negative and positive coping mechanisms. Negative options could include negative thought patterns in response to situations, and remind users of the potential outcomes. Positive options could include positive self-talk, coping mechanisms like prayer and meditation, calling confidants, etc. In environments where alcohol/drugs are being used, AR Addiction Recovery can help users take the steps to say no.

About focuses on creating cost-effective and meaningful software experiences that deliver real value for their clients. With extensive experience in multimedia software development, including everything from Virtual Medical Simulations to virtual games, multimedia presentations, and apps for medical training and certifications, creates all of the software development and production work in house, and does not resort to third-party outsourcing. This high standard of expertise enables a team of seasoned software designers, programmers, graphic designers and multimedia specialists to meet and exceed the core goals of any innovative development project. By applying a rigorous, step-by-step approach, creates a final result that is robust, easy to use, and performs flawlessly across every platform to reach every device. If you want to know more about AR Addiction Recovery, or if you have another development idea for AR you would like to discuss with us, contact today.

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