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The advent of smart devices such as the tablet and the smartphone has offered new software development opportunities that were previously unavailable, and augmented reality is poised to take a central role in the development of innovative health-related applications. Augmented reality uses the camera on a smartphone or tablet as its interface. A dynamic interaction between the real world and application-specific computer data is created, one ideally suited to in-situ therapy and many other types of health-related applications. Vivid, photorealistic 3D computer graphics, with shadows and reflections that adjust in real time, floating text labels that can be associated with real world objects, floating data, charts, and graphic markers can all be employed to enhance the user's experience.

AR apps can also be developed for convenient online access, allowing users to link virtual computer graphics into their environment with no additional downloads. Web-based augmented reality may well prove to be the most efficacious way to introduce new apps for the medical industry, and to develop new types of interactive therapy. has an exclusive focus on the creation of innovative health-related AR apps, and is excited about the prospect of augmented reality applications that deliver real value to their clients and their patients. To inspire prospective clients, has created a set of concepts ideally suited to the advantages offered by augmented reality.


New therapies are always being sought after, and innovation in medical practice continues apace. In the course of providing therapy for those suffering from a fear of heights, open spaces, and animals, visual simulations have proven to be effective. Augmented reality provides a real time interactive visual information delivery method that is ideally suited for this type of therapy and could be readily implemented to advance the positive effects of virtual simulations in a real-world setting.


Web-based AR offers all the immersive interactive qualities of native AR apps and shifts access to an online platform for reduced development costs and faster, easier access from smartphones and tablets. It is more easily scaled due to the fact that app content can be added to and updated without republishing the app, so more therapies can be phased into a treatment program. By helping medical organizations reinforce their therapy through unique, cutting-edge user experiences, web AR allows anyone to take advantage of AR effects, with no download or install required.


Research and clinical practice has shown that computer visualizations can be highly effective in the treatment of various phobias. Augmented reality can be used to layer in therapeutic simulations onto one's environment to provide the kind of exposure-and-response therapy proven to relieve anxiety. AR Exposure Therapy may be used for a wide range of phobias, such as agoraphobia, acrophobia, arachnophobia, astraphobia, and more. Users can access simulations in a risk-free setting and overcome their fears iby facing them in a more limited way through AR in a safe environment, one that can remove the phobia stressor immediately. The app can be designed to phase in less threatening simulations and move on to more stressful encounters as the patient reduces their responses over time.

About is dedicated to the development of innovative online augmented reality apps for the health care community. Their team of software programmers, designers, and multimedia specialists have developed a uniquely comprehensive skill set, and can take full advantage of augmented reality's potential for online advanced in-situ experiences. can guide you through the web AR landscape to discover new solutions to medical challenges, and to realize practical advantages for your medical organization. If you'd like to know more about augmented reality, web-based AR, and AR Exposure Therapy, contact us today.

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