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Augmented Reality offers a new way to create advanced levels of interactivity between the user and computer information. Used as an interface for cutting edge robotic surgery and other highly specialized applications, augmented reality will now be deployed across the entire range of the medical and healthcare landscape. Apple and Android have released ARKit and ARCore, their respective AR platforms, making it possible for anyone with Smartphone, tablet, to access Augmented Reality apps, with development opportunities for all types of industries and activities. Augmented Reality uses the camera as the source of the interface, allowing for photorealistic graphics, text, charts, diagrams and other graphics can be dynamically linked for a fully immersive and interactive simulation experience.

DDA is the parent company of, and has gained decades of state-of-the-art VMS experience in the Healthcare and Medical community. Augmented Realitease created its first AR project in 2009, and, in anticipation of the widespread distribution of AR applications, has set up a list of AR medical concepts that offer great potential for immediate development and implementation.

AR Hair Replacement is a tool intended to facilitate the process of relating the means and methods used in the procedure to the client, and to use augmented reality for real time visualizations to show the intended results.


Hair replacement techniques have evolved in sophistication over the years and recent results have improved. AR Hair Replacement could be developed to address the needs of clients to assure themselves of the procedure to visualize the results, to understand the process, and to have a running total of the costs. The augmented reality platform is ideally suited to layering in convincing computer graphics into a scene and onto a user's head for a new selfie.


AR Hair Replacement is just one of the many previsualization apps that are bound to have a major impact of their respective markets. The dynamic real time visualization capability of augmented reality makes it ideally suited to apps that remove guesswork and allow users to have confidence in their choices.


Visualizing the details of a Hair Replacement procedure is important for clients, and AR can be used to show each step in the process; the options used for bedding follicles, the phasing options, and the anticipated final result. Advancements in computer visualization have made this type of application more feasible and realistic. Hair can be realistically simulated and even offer the subtle animation required to render a realistic effect in real time. The planting sites can be analyzed with the correct density and associated pricing information. Stills can be taken for each option to keep as a record for the technician and the client, along with scheduling and pricing data.

DDA received the Tabby Award for the Best Healthcare iPad App of 2012. The advent of ARKit and ARCore makes the prospect of app development for AR medical applications such as AR Hair Replacement very exciting, and Augmented Realitease is prepared to take that award-winning approach into the future. Located just outside Philadelphia, a vertically integrated studio of highly skilled professional designers, programmers, and multimedia specialists apply a logical, step-by-step to every project. Whether it requires eLearning and certification, extensive database management, 3D modeling and animation, graphic design and multimedia production, any type of custom software design and programming, Augmented RealiTease can do it all in house, without the use of third party subcontractors. For innovation that delivers measurable results, look to Learn more about AR Hair Replacement and augmented reality, and contact today.

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