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Augmented reality is going to be used for all types of applications, from advanced medical training to applications designed to enhance activities like gardening and travel. The immersive and interactive features of AR are useful for a broad range of interests, making the opportunities for innovation in mobile software application development especially exciting. As leading developers of custom mobile software applications, is excited about the prospects ahead.

Apple and Android's AR platforms now make it possible for any user to access high quality AR experiences using their camera lens. AR effectively acts acts as the interface for all types of computer experience and can include virtual graphics such as photorealistic 3D computer environments and objects, floating text associated with people, places, and things, audio prompts, navigational arrows and virtual landmarks, and much more. has come up with a host of AR concepts that offer an immediate practical benefit to the community and AR Hospice will provide a vital link for those living in a hospice to connect with their loved ones.


In an era of lockdown protocols and social distancing challenges, many loved ones living in assisted facilities, hospices, and other clinics for the elderly are not able to receive visitors. This has become an urgent problem for many, who rely on their family connections for their mental and physical health. Even outside of times of epidemic exposure, family can often struggle to connect with family members that are confined to clinical settings. AR Hospice offers a wide array of tools for loved one to connect with each other and enhance the experience of family closeness with augmented reality.


The modern family is an online family, and web-based AR is an ideal way to maintain and enhance family ties. Now anyone with an online device can keep in close contactEven if distance, social lockdown, or quarantine restricts the physical, AR Hospice lowers the boundaries and ensures intimacy when loved ones need it the most.


In a social distancing paradigm, many people are being shut off from their loved ones. In many other cases, people are too far away or cannot afford to travel and still need to connect. AR Hospice augments a Zoom, Duo, or Facetime phone call with the ability to show virtual 3D objects to aid conversation, add graphics and floating text labels to help those with dementia or Alzheimer's identify their relatives, and more.

AR Hospice would work something like this: the family event planner can set a time, invite a group, select a setting for the event, or utilize many other features to facilitate family social events. Attendees will receive an invite. Facial recognition will assist the elderly in identifying family members and friends. Virtual 3D party favors can be gifted and interacted with. Crackers, party hats and costumes, and firecrackers can be part of the online setting, and customized family information to make for a livelier conversation and an exciting and compelling way to reach your loved ones. The AR app can also facilitate the presentation of images and video within the camera view to help family members share memories with one another. Augmented reality is a fun and modern way to keep in touch with loved ones.

About focuses on creating memorable and meaningful experiences for our clients. We develop custom mobile software applications for everything from virtual medical simulations to virtual games, multimedia presentations, and apps for industrial manufacturers and wedding cake decorators. creates all of the software development and production work in house, and does not resort to third party outsourcing. This requires a high standard of expertise, and our team of seasoned software designers, programmers, graphic designers and multimedia specialists are prepared to meet the core goals of any innovative development project. By applying a rigorous, step-by-step approach that incorporates all of the custom software features, creates a final result that is robust, easy to use, and performs flawlessly across every platform to reach every device. If you want to know more about AR Hospice, or if you have another development idea for AR you would like to discuss with us, contact today.

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