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Augmented reality software is emerging as a powerful force in the world of interactive multimedia software development, with features and capabilities that will revolutionize the next generation of apps. Augmented reality has the unique ability to incorporate virtual reality into a real environment by using a camera as the source of its interface. Dynamically responsive virtual elements can be seamlessly introduced into a user's environment, making it ideal for a new level of customized instructions and precisely guided training. The recent launch of Apple and Android's new AR development platforms, named ARKit and ARCore respectively, makes it possible for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to access augmented reality applications, and opens up new software development opportunities for a wide range of medical training and management applications. is a full-service interactive multimedia company with a specific focus on the design and development of augmented reality applications, and they completed their first AR project in 2009. The release of ARKit and ARCore has prompted to come up with a set of AR concepts that provide real value for their respective industries. For example, AR MASH can be used to guide clinicians, trainees, and associated staff through the process of planning, deploying, and managing the everyday operation of a mobile medical facility.


Medical mobile units are used throughout the country to provide speedy medical services to a host of clients and organizations. Whether employed for a select community of seniors, emergency patients, and other groups, AR MASH can be developed to act as a central resource for the setup, training and management of a mobile medical unit and its associated equipment and staff. AR MASH can employ AR to interactively detail the steps required to plan out an area, equip it with the required tools and first aid resources, and keep track of the unit before and after deployment.


AR MASH can benefit those running a mobile medical unit with a highly efficient interactive method to carry out the many preparatory tasks required to establish a working mobile medical unit. The dynamic and immersive properties of augmented reality will enable accelerated training and barcode identifiers in equipment can be linked to the application at all times for swift logistical information delivery. AR MASH may well provide a new standard for the industry.


AR MASH is a facility management tool for mobile medical clinics, and provides a dynamic information delivery method to facilitate the implementation and management of all types of mobile medical units, their equipment, staff, and procedures. Users can select from a menu of equipment in the planning stage, and scanning can be used on barcoded equipment thereafter to keep track of all aspects of the unit in pre-and post-operation. Users can access AR MASH with their smartphone or tablet. AR MASH will employ augmented reality to identify the various elements of a specific mobile medical facility, and enable technicians to set up and deploy the unit out in the field. To accelerate training and orient technicians to specific types of equipment and procedures, AR MASH can use augmented reality to take trainees through a step-by-step process, with virtual instructions that may include floating text, charts and diagrams, operational arrows, and more. An identification tool can link equipment details with barcodes on the actual equipment to identify the specific make and model and provide interactive details for each element in the mobile medical response system. One the unit is set up, graphic markers appear onscreen to keep track of each staff member and their duties, the equipment, schedule, running checklists, patient information, and access to centralized archive information.


DDA has made a significant impact in nearly all forms of interactive multimedia software design, having garnered Tabby Awards in 2012 and 2014 for two of its own original tablet applications, in addition to multiple awards for interactive web design and search engine marketing. They created in response to the release of ARKit and ARCore, and to address the exciting possibilities for innovative AR application development. has assembled a highly experienced team of professional designers, programmers, and multimedia specialists and uses a logical and iterative approach for each project.'s comprehensive skill set allows them to take on any software development challenge in house, without the use of third party contractors. By avoiding outsourcing and keeping full control of the project, streamlines production costs, maintains excellent communication with the client, and delivers flawless results to reach every platform and every device. will meet the challenge and exceed your expectations, whether the project requires continuing medical education (CME) and other eLearning platforms, videos, animations, mobile apps, and more. Contact today to learn more about augmented reality and AR MASH.

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