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From Pokémon Go to the moving first down markers in NFL football games, everyone is familiar with augmented reality in some form, and now it's poised to change they we interact with all sorts of computer information. Apple and Android have recently raised the stakes in the software development world with ARKit and ARCore, their respective development platforms for augmented reality applications.

ARkit and ARCore now make it possible for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to access the AR landscape, and the development opportunities are wide open for innovation. is a full-service interactive multimedia developer with a focus on cutting edge software development for AR apps, and they have a number of concepts they invite you to consider.


Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life, and comes with a host of special health considerations. With RgBh, GMO, glysophate, bisphenol, high fructose corn syrup, and many other concerns regarding ingredients, navigating the world of modern food can be daunting, and pregnant women need to especially mindful about food. For example, any types of raw meat or unpasteurized cheeses are to be avoided, as well as coffee (usually) and any alcohol. AR Pregnancy adds valuable data when and where you need it, by layering in floating text labels directly into your camera perspective to make recommendations and offer reminders for the best choice in any given situation.


AR Pregnancy has the potential to enrich and enhance the experience of pregnancy with tools that engage, inform, and affirm best practices as women move towards motherhood.


Designed specifically for pregnant women, AR Pregnancy Guide would aid women to make the best dietary choices and interactively allow a user to scan food shelves at home and in the market. Reinforcing messages can also help women avoid less healthful dietary choices with dynamic, real-time reminders and alternative choices. AR Pregnancy Guide will suggest more nutritious items that may satisfy similar appetites as alternatives (e.g., fruit instead of candy). The app should also have reminders for any food supplements such as prenatal vitamins, etc.

A user can scan food, drug, and vitamin shelves with AR Pregnancy to view the products on display. AR Pregnancy can identify items and provide data customized to your interests and unique requirements. Graphics can be used to support your choices with views of ingredients, calorie counts, and can be customized for special diets or vitamins. Just by pointing the smartphone camera at an item, AR Pregnancy can give you real-time data, provide information on a market's suppliers, and help you keep on track with your best intentions.


DDA is a leading software developer for the health and medical communities. The recent advancements in augmented reality prompted DDA to found, a full-service interactive multimedia developer focusing on the design and development of augmented reality applications. has made an impact on nearly every form of digital interactive multimedia design and development, with award-winning software applications that deliver practical solutions and prove their value over time. Using a logical, iterative process, arrives at solutions that meet their clients' goals and exceed their expectations. From continuing medical education (CME) and other eLearning platforms to videos, animations, mobile apps, and more, team is prepared to take on all aspects of a project in house, without the need for third party contractors. This way quality control is assured, and results in a flawless final result for the end user, across every platform and every device. To learn more about augmented reality and AR Pregnancy, contact today.

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