DDA leads the way in developing cutting edge software with a worldwide client base across many industries, and we are excited about the prospect of implementing Augmented Reality applications for the medical and healthcare community. Augmented Reality is an innovative 3D interface that will prove invaluable for many medical applications and healthcare institutions. Offering an immersive and interactive format that can be readily accessed via the internet, whether it's a smartphone, tablet or hands-free device,

Augmented Reality gives the user the ability to use their camera viewpoint and transform their environment with one that is charged with information, instructions, and virtual objects. Through our numerous clients in the healthcare industry, DDA has become well versed with the many challenges in the community, as well as the opportunities, and we believe Augmented Reality has the potential to provide critical support in patient care, training, clinical trials, patient self insights and treatment, and more.

DDA is ideally situated to address the challenges of the healthcare industry, and to create innovative solutions that will save time and money, improve doctor/patient communication, accelerate and standardize training procedures, and ultimately make Augmented Reality an integral component in everyday operations, whether it's a doctor's office, a hospital, or a patient's home. From detailed surgical training using VMS or Virtual Simulation Technology, to nursing applications that can scan a floor of patients and maintain the regimen for each one in real time, to tools for patients to keep track of their medications, and more, the future for AR development looks very promising.

DDA is conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia, and we maintain a state-of-the-art facility with a professional multimedia suite, a sound booth, and a 70 ft. by 30 ft. video studio. We have been crafting internet experiences since its inception, and we launched our first Augmented Reality project back in 2009. DDA was awarded the Tabby Award in 2012 for Best Healthcare App, and the Best Healthcare and Pharmaceutical iPad App of 2014.

DDA is prepared to take on any type of Augmented Reality medical project, no matter how complex or demanding. The vertically-integrated structure of our organization enables us to address all facets of a project in-house, without outsourcing any work to other parties. By maintaining control over all aspects of the project, we reduce operating cost, streamline communications with our clients, and ensure maximum integration of the final product, with flawless operation and a seamless experience for the end user. Our staff is composed of full-time degreed professionals, including writers, graphic designers, multimedia specialists, 3D computer modelers and animators, as well as software designers, programmers, and build-out technicians.

If you would like to hear more about how we think Augmented Reality will impact Healthcare in the immediate future, or if you have an AR concept you would like us to implement, we would be pleased to arrange a time to discuss it in detail.

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