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Augmented reality is a method to create advanced interaction between the user and 3D computer information. While it has been used for cutting-edge robotic surgery and other highly specialized applications, it will now be deployed across the entire range of the VMS landscape. Virtual medical simulations, much like flight simulators for pilots, engage the user in an immersive experience that enables them to learn skills in a low risk yet highly challenging format that tests their abilities and develops their knowledge. Apple and Android released ARKit and ARCore, their respective AR platforms, making it possible to reach a wider audience.

Anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or AR eyewear can access augmented reality apps, with development opportunities for all types of industries and activities. Using the camera as the source of the interface, photorealistic graphics can render environments and customize the setting. Computer avatars can be introduced to act as guides or instructors. 3D virtual objects can be manipulated and text charts diagrams and other graphics can be dynamically linked for a fully immersive and interactive simulation experience.

DDA develops state-of-the-art VMS experiences for the healthcare and medical community, and is looking forward to the many exciting challenges and opportunities ahead. Augmented reality applications will be used for all types of medical specialties, and will provide an excellent method to deliver advanced training. Acupuncture is a process that is ideally suited to simulation training, and we feel there is tremendous potential for an augmented reality app customized to this time honored therapeutic procedure.


Acupuncture, like many other types of medical procedures, requires an advanced understanding of abstract concepts that are then applied to actual practice. This will eventually require training on an actual patient. Prior to this time, without any actual hands-on experience, this can be both difficult for the trainee and risky for any prospective patient. Augmented reality allows guided training of actual practice to any risks for a highly effective and accelerated learning process, while streamlining the practice for dedicated professionals as well.


This teaching method has the potential to reach more potential trainees than ever before possible, with the potential to develop a high standard of practice. Augmented reality offers a cost-effective way to standardize the practice of acupuncture across many skill levels, patients, and sessions for a variety of conditions with improved outcomes.


The AR Acupuncture app would be accessed from a mobile phone, tablet, or best yet, a hands-free device such as Google Glass. Users can search for specific conditions and see suggested acupunture points to achieve certain outcomes under specific health contexts. Common conditions and their suggested acupuncture points can be saved in a personal library for fast access to the most common treatments used in a given practice. The app can also provide ways to record and log in their patients' session history for future reference. In this case, the Acupunture AR app would save each acupunture needle point as applied during a session, and this information can then be acquired for the next session. The pins' placement from the previous session will appear graphically on the patient as an oversized graphic marker to assure exact needle placement. Notes can be made and attached to each needle placement with patient comments as to the ongoing efficacy of the treatment.

DDA is a medical augmented reality (AR) application company with extensive experience in the creation of innovative software for the medical industry. DDA created its first AR project in 2009 and received the Tabby Award for the Best Healthcare iPad App of 2102. The introduction of ARKit and ARCore is a game-changing development for the software industry, there's never been a better time for innovative augmented reality (AR) app development for medical specialties like acupuncture.

DDA is located just outside of Philadelphia, and its vertically integrated studio's methodical, responsive, and process-oriented approach to innovation allows DDA to rise to nearly any software challenge. Its comprehensive skill set allows our team of educated, experienced professionals to select the right tools for the job and incorporate any of the features necessary for a great end result, whether it requires eLearning and certification, database development, 3D modeling and animation, graphic design and multimedia production, and/or any type of custom software design and programming. If you would like to know more about the augmented reality acupuncture application, or if you have an idea you think is well suited for augmented reality, contact us today.

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