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Ambulatory Outpatient App

Augmented Reality is an integral part of a new era of telehealth, a more dynamic and convenient health response system. You already know Augmented Reality through your TV. NFL football displays the first down, the line of scrimmage, and the red zone with updated graphics layered over the field. The idea of layering application specific graphics through a lens has been here for a while, but new developments in the technology promise to give Augmented Reality a whole new level of influence. Apple and Android have introduced their AR development platforms, named ARKit and ARCore, which will enable smartphone and tablet users to have access to AR applications by using the camera as the source of the interface. This will create a much wider audience for AR, and enable developers to create AR experiences with far more reach. New types of AR eyewear will allow users a hands-free option for even more immersive capability. As a leading developer of all types of custom mobile software, DDA is a medical Augmented Reality app company with extensive experience in the Medical and Healthcare community. We launched our first AR project back in 2009, and now the advent of ARCore and ARKit make AR an even more attractive option for cutting edge services and application opportunities.


One of the key medical specialties Augmented Reality can address effectively concerns the field of Ambulatory Outpatient care. Telehealth is the term we use to describe a manner of medical service that relies heavily on the capabilities of the modern phone to display symptoms in real time, provide a way to review symptoms directly and interactively, make an effective diagnosis, and prescribe a regime of treatment.


The opportunity to monitor a fragile health condition carefully without restricting a patient's quality of life is one of the main goals of this Augmented Reality application, and it seems likely that this interface will quickly become a new standard for achieving top notch healthcare without the need for many time consuming consultations and protracted appointments. By reducing the time needed to detect a problem, diagnose, and treat it makes this a very promising prospect for Augmented Reality application development.


By accessing the Ambulatory Outpatient app from your smartphone, you can connect with your healthcare provider faster and more efficiently than ever. The key advantage of Augmented Reality lies in its ability to layer over information into a scene in real time. This way a patient can scan himself for issues, or advanced monitoring systems can be attached to a patient for close 24/7 observation of vital signs. Bruises and other skin symptoms can be scanned for a real time evaluation with a medical professional and advanced visualization systems can replicate x-ray, ultrasound, and MRI like displays for areas of concern that may require careful and regular attention. A patient will be able to scan his/her own body, and in response, the physician can add notes, arrows, and other standardized information into the scanned area. The session and the scanned information can be captured photographically for both patient information and medical record.

DDA is located just outside of Philadelphia. We have created software for many types of industries and applications, and we received the Tabby Award for the Best Healthcare iPad App of 2012. By using a logical, step-by-step approach to innovation, our vertically integrated studio is prepared to take on any complex software challenge. We have established a wide-ranging skill set that enables us to do all of the work in house, whether it requires extensive database management, eLearning and certification programs, 3D computer modeling and animation, graphic design and multimedia production, or any type of custom software design and programming. If you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable medical Augmented Reality app company that knows how to streamline costs, maintain close communication with the client, and deliver an end result that functions flawlessly over every platform and to every device, let’s set up a time to discuss the many possibilities.

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