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Developments in the world of computer interface design promise to advance the way we interact with information. Both Apple and Android introduced their platforms for Augmented Reality, called ARKit and ARCore respectively, which opened the frontier for widespread deployment of new applications that incorporate Augmented Reality into its design.

Augmented Reality is an immersive and interactive format that uses the camera on a mobile device to organize and deliver its data. By employing the camera as the source for information, it's possible to integrate 3D virtual data with the unique vantage point of the camera. The virtual world can be designed to mesh seamlessly with the actual perspective, including new landscape features, 3D avatars, and 3D virtual objects that can be manipulated, with simulated feedback. Text, charts, and other graphics can be introduced into the view for real time information that can be linked to both real and virtual objects for an enhanced understanding of the environment. High resolution graphics allow for vivid photorealistic accuracy, and efficient graphic speed allows for task instructions to be delivered through operational arrows and audio prompts for a completely immersive experience.

Healthcare will continue to incorporate the latest technology for the most advanced medical procedures, but now, the ubiquity of augmented reality will enable more applications to be developed across the entire spectrum of medical care, including nursing, emergency care, patient education, and more. New methods for ambulatory/outpatient care can incorporate augmented reality to give patients information about the roles of those treating them and the use of equipment during emergencies. Outpatient care can be bolstered through augmented reality by providing information on the effects of various diseases/conditions tied to specific areas of the body. Graphics can be used to demonstrate consequences of either following or disregarding the treatment protocols prescribed during care, helping to enahnce emotional engagement and thus improve likeliness of patient compliance. Augmented reality applications can also be used by patients to help them follow their treatment plans. Examples include instructions and warning information being presented when looking at medications through a smartphone app, or step-by-step procedures detailing through imposed AR graphics for more complicated patient-administered self-care procedures such as stretches, injections, application of wraps, bandages, or hot/cold therapeutic pads, and more.

As pioneers in experiential marketing, virtual medical simulations, and augmented reality, DDA is excited about the many opportunities ahead for innovation and advancement. We are an award-winning custom software development company, and we have been producing cutting-edge mobile applications and software for a wide variety of industries. DDA has many clients in the healthcare and medical field, with extensive experience in database management, VMS, and certification programs. We launched our first AR project in 2009 and were awarded the Tabby Award in 2012 for Best Healthcare iPad App. Our studio is conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia, and we maintain one of the most comprehensive skill sets of any interactive multimedia production companies anywhere, either nationally or locally. Our team of software designers and programmers, multimedia specialists and 3D animators, graphic designers and project managers are prepared to handle every aspect of a software project in house, without resorting to third party subcontractors. This way we keep costs under control, maintain excellent communication with our clients during the entire course of the project, and ensure flawless functionality for the end user.

If you would like to hear more about our thoughts on augmented reality and how it will enhance ambulatory/ outpatient care, or if you want DDA to develop another augmented reality project with you, contact us today.

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