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Anatomy Augmented Reality Application

Anatomy AR

Augmented Reality's Application

Augmented reality is a 3D interface that meshes seamlessly with your vantage point. By using your mobile device, the camera acts as the basis for the interface. Computer graphics are introduced into your perspective and adjust to your changing position in real time. The setting can be changed, 3D computer avatars can talk and respond, 3D virtual objects can be interacted with, and text, charts, and diagrams can be introduced into the scene when needed for a completely immersive experience.

Augmented reality has the potential to transform the way we use and interact with the world, with features and opportunities that will enhance activities and industries across the entire spectrum of software development.

Both Apple and Android introduced their respective AR platforms, ARCKit and ARCore, and this innovation is likely to spark a new wave of innovation for all types of industries and professions. As a leading creator of custom mobile application software, DDA Medical is excited by the many types of applications that can use augmented reality, and the many ways it can be incorporated into both specialized training and everyday uses for a wide audience of users. Now anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device can access high quality AR experiences for simulation training, machine assembly, sporting events, entertainment, education, and much more.


One of the critical ways augmented reality can make an immediate and positive impact is in the world of medical education. DDA has many clients in the healthcare and medical industry, and believes there are myriad ways for augmented reality to enhance the current state of medical curricula, with applications that can rapidly accelerate a student's understanding of the human body and its interrelated biological processes. An application dedicated to human anatomy will make the experience far more engaging and memorable, with the additional option of widespread distribution for a much wider sphere of influence.


This method of teaching anatomy has great potential to engage students more fully in study, and represents the latest state of the art in medical visualization. Augmented reality will be able to accelerate learning in many different areas, and this application will be able to reach a much wider pool of potential medical professionals, allowing more people to engage in a detailed understanding of the human body.


Students can access the Anatomy AR augmented reality application from their mobile device, in a classroom setting, in their home, or on the go. When you point the camera at a person, a 3D computer model detailing anatomical structures can be precisely linked to their body for detailed investigation. The anatomical model will move with the person, and will allow the viewer to employ different types of visualization options. The entire body can appear transparent and allow a viewer to examine organs, skeletal structure and more. The view can include the entire body, or focus on one portion for detailed analysis. Various systems can be isolated to be viewed separately. Users can switch from views of the circulatory system, the nervous system, of the digestive system, or can focus on specific tissues, like connective tissue, bone, skeletal or smooth muscle, and more. The student can also alter the level of realism necessary for analysis; for example, one can view the heart with photorealistic accuracy, including the pumping of the chambers and their interaction, and then switch to an examination of the muscles, which can be reduced to a diagrammatic depiction of their mechanical operation. Diagrams can show the lever action and the interactive contraction and expansion of the muscles as the figure moves in space.

DDA has been crafting experiences for the medical community for over twenty years, with a long list of satisfied clients and successful projects. DDA launched its first AR project back in 2009, and since the advent of ARKit and ARCore, the time has never been better for the development and implementation of AR concepts. The company's detailed, process-oriented approach to software development, and its comprehensive skill set, gives the company the capability to produce all aspects of the project in-house. This way maintains excellent communication with clients, keeps production costs under control, and ensures a smooth and trouble-free experience for the end user, across every platform and for every device. Whether the project requires 3D computer modeling and animation, eLearning, databasing, graphic design, multimedia production, and/or any type of custom software programming and design, is ready to exceed your expectations. If you want to know more about the concept for an Anatomy app, or if you have another concept for augmented reality you would like DDA to develop with you, contact us today.

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