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Augmented reality is an innovative development in mobile application interface design, one poised to change the landscape of mobile apps for years to come. By using the camera of your mobile device, augmented reality immerses viewers in a 3D world, with the ability to combine: 3D computer avatars that talk and respond to viewers' comments, commands, and questions; 3D objects that can provide interactive feedback; and the capability to introduce floating text, charts, and diagrams linked to both virtual and actual objects. Navigational and operational arrows can orient viewers and instruct them in training simulations. It's also possible to alter one's environment and place users in a shared world with customized properties, tailoring the existing setting for a particular experience.

Both Apple and Android introduced their AR platforms ArKit and ARCore, making Augmented Reality application development far more feasible and attractive for entrepreneurs, developers, and industries who want to take advantage of what AR has to offer. Anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device will have access to the immersive and interactive features of augmented reality, and will find more and more applications that incorporate this 3D interface into its software. One of the many industries that will likely be affected by this development will be the healthcare and medical professions. While AR will certainly be used for advanced VMS, or virtual medical simulations, there will also be numerous opportunities for other related fields to make use of augmented reality for their own unique set of requirements. For example, physical therapies like behavioral and occupational therapy can give patients ways to use augmented reality for real-time guidance and advice on methods to alleviate pain on the job or in the home, and to develop new habits that can make a difference in their overall quality of life.


Pain Management is becoming increasingly important as a method to alleviate pain for the aging population, and techniques to find alternate methods to achieve similar physical goals is one of the core strategies for both occupational and behavioral therapies. Augmented reality has the potential to provide ongoing reminders and real time solutions for everyday tasks and, with the use of online devices, opens up the prospect of high quality therapeutic care to a much wider pool of pain sufferers.


This app has a great potential to provide an excellent service to a much broader base of users, and will enable more people to avoid the often debilitating effects of chronic pain.


The application will be used in association with a pain management plan and approved by your medical professional. A series of therapies can be provided from the outset and installed into a customized plan. When a user accesses the app on their smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device, their camera viewpoint will act as the interface. Users can select tasks such as lifting or obtaining high-placed objects and then focus the viewpoint on the object in question to obtain step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish the task. When tasks are being carried out, an audio prompt can indicate time to review a typical physical action, and to suggest another means of accomplishing the desired result. Graphic arrows can indicate ways to accomplish the goal, and will shift with the users' movements. You will also be able to access graphical data showing your existing range of motion, and track improvement in mobility and flexibility over time.

DDA is one of the leaders in the development of cutting edge software applications. DDA won a Tabby Award in 2012 and 2014 for custom mobile software application development for the medical industry, and has extensive experience in crafting custom interactive multimedia applications for the medical community, with many repeat clients. DDA has one of the most comprehensive skill sets of any custom medical application design and developer anywhere, and its team of degree-holding professionals has the expertise and experience to handle nearly any challenging software project in house. By keeping all components of the project under one roof, DDA is able to deliver complex multimedia projects through effective coordination of a highly integrated and collaborative design and production process. Whether it involves custom programming, eLearning, database design and management, 3D computer modeling and animation, graphic design, or any other type of multimedia production, DDA will take your innovative concept and deliver a final result that gives users a satisfying and valuable experience across every platform and every device. If you want to know more about our concept for a Behavioral and Occupational Therapy app, or if you have another concept you think would be great for an augmented reality application, contact us today.

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