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Augmented reality has the potential to transform many aspects of cardiologic practice, with custom mobile applications for everything from advanced training for surgical procedures to innovative tools for clinician patient communication. As a result of continued development, it's easy to see that augmented reality offers the flexibility and immersive capabilities to accelerate learning in a hands-on format, test skills in vivid simulation environments, and demonstrate new technologies and procedures in a no-risk and low-cost development platform. Apple and Android have launched ARKit and ARCore, their respective AR app development platforms, making it possible for anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or AR eyewear to access augmented reality experiences.

DDA has been involved with augmented reality since the launch of its first project in 2009, and we continue to pioneer in the Virtual Medical Simulation, or VMS industry. We see many ways for our medical clients to develop a new generation of experiential marketing for new patients, and investors, as well as fellow medical specialists. Marketing material for the cardiology field can employ the exciting augmented reality interface to extend the features of a conventional presentation into an experience that engages the user, allows for meaningful interactions, and incorporates different types of information into a seamless unfolding event.


The cardiology marketing involves several different target audiences. First are the potential patients. Good marketing apps that demonstrate the scope and level of expertise in a clinic or hospital attract more patients to high quality services. A cardiologic practice will also be able to make use of AR to attract surgeons, nurses, and other medical professionals. In order to demonstrate new procedures and technologies, interactive presentations allow potential donors and investors to feel more involved in the process, and facilitate the likelihood of investment.


Now is a perfect time to consider AR marketing applications for the medical industry. With the advent of ARKit and ARCore, augmented reality is poised to become the new method to integrate complex information, and institutions that remain ahead of the curve in developing new material will stand out. To accelerate understanding in its various communities and establish a new working template to provide updated information in an engaging and modern technique, AR apps will send a positive message to all of those involved in cardiologic practice. Best of all, augmented reality offers a highly cost effective way to demonstrate new techniques and equipment in a virtual format, allowing for more widespread distribution and a no-risk, zero-liability platform for the marketing of critical services.


Augmented reality applications use the camera on an online device as the source of the interface. The camera perspective can layer in 3D environments to simulate a consultation room, an ICU, a hospital room, or a speaking platform. 3D avatars can present material and field questions. For detailed presentations of procedures and new equipment, 3D virtual objects can be programmed to allow for detailed and accurate sensory interaction, with sensations of touch weight through hepatic interactive devices. For anatomical accuracy, photorealistic effects of light and shadow, with convincing wetness, texture, and pulsing movement, update in real time. Operational graphics like arrows and dotted lines and other locators can give precise instructions in cardiologic procedures and detailed equipment demonstrations. Text labels can dynamically appear in the scene and linked to both virtual and actual objects to give associated support information.

DDA is a medical augmented reality application design and development company that strives to create experiences that are innovative yet highly practical, engaging, and meaningful. By using a straightforward, sequential approach, we keep our clients involved in all decisions and thus avoid wasting time pursuing ideas not endorsed by the client. Our studio is located just outside of Philadelphia, and our team of degree-holding programmers, graphic designers, webmasters, multimedia, and 3D animation specialists can address any of the special features required for the project without outsourcing to third parties. Whether it involves eLearning and certification programming, 3D modeling and animation, graphic design, database development, multimedia production, and/or any type of custom software design and programming, DDA can do it all under one roof. Let seasoned professionals to guide you into the next wave of interactive multimedia technology. To learn more about our cardiology marketing and outreach augmented reality application concept, or if you have another AR concept you would like to develop with, us, contact us today.

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