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DDA is a medical Augmented Reality app company that is ready to guide you through the exciting Augmented Reality development Landscape. We produce custom software for many clients in the Medical and Healthcare community, and we want to let you know about some of the latest developments in Augmented Reality technology. Apple and Android launched their respective Augmented Reality platforms, named ARKit and ARCore, and quickly became game-changing news in the industry. Now anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or AR eyewear can access immersive and interactive Augmented Reality programs, with the potential for applications to reach a much wider audience than ever before possible.The availability of these platforms makes it far more feasible and cost effective to develop projects for many types of new activities and industries.

The Medical and Healthcare community has much to gain with the implementation of Augmented Reality applications, because the interface makes it an ideal method to educate, test and certify medical professionals, train technicians with equipment and procedures, aid in patient ID and other administrative patient/ clinician interactions, as well as advanced VMS, or Virtual Medical Simulations for use in surgery, and more. Medical Specialties, such as Cardiology, will be able to develop a customized and comprehensive range of applications tailored specifically to cardiologic education, practice, administration, and outreach to the general public.

Augmented Reality uses the camera on the smartphone as the method to deliver information. Everything from 3D environmental graphics, 3D avatars, and virtual objects can be introduced into one's unique camera perspective. One of the immersive features of Augmented Reality is the ability to program 3D computer objects in the scene with haptic intelligence. This allows users to manipulate 3D objects and receive sensory feedback for a more effective simulation experience. In settings where instruments and other tools need to be properly handled for training purposes, this feature can prove to have critical value for the applied training and procedural tasks that make up the primary skill set of most medical professionals.

DDA can see Augmented Reality application concepts for:

Cardiologic Education

In a classroom setting, students can access apps with vivid 3D detail that depict the heart and circulatory systems interactively, Cutaways can show the different chambers of the heart and systems can be tested, highlighted and inspected at different scales.

Cardiologic Training

From the use of defibrillators, to angioplasty procedures and open heart surgery, the demand for more engaging, memorable and hands-on learning environments is significant, as well as the rigorous testing process required to achieve certifications. DDA is a pioneer in VMS and certification programs that have the potential to be developed into nationwide platforms for immersive, cost effective, and zero risk training scenarios for both current and prospective medical professionals.

Clinician/ Patient Communication

Complex procedures are often difficult for a patient to fully comprehend, and the visualization features of AR give better tools to clinicians to describe procedures and treatments in detail. The camera can be used to scan a patient's body, or simulations can describe surgery through 3D models and animations, for a detailed method that translates complex terminology into interactive visualization.

Patient Outreach

AR visualization has the innate ability to accelerate comprehension and to help patients, surgeons, doctors, nurses, EMTs, and other medical professionals make more accurate and informed decisions. Clinics and Hospitals that make custom AR apps for their patients provide a valuable way to attract and maintain patients seeking the most advanced and cutting edge methods. Augmented Reality serves as a portal for many types of activity, and medical institutions with the vision to implement AR for a wide range of services will be able to grow and expand into the next frontier of information design and interaction.

DDA launched its first AR project in 2009, and we received the Tabby Award for the Best Healthcare iPad App of 2102. With advent of ARKit and ARCore, we can see the many development possibilities ahead, both for the general public and the Healthcare and Medical community. If you would like to hear more about our Augmented Reality concepts for the Medical Industry, and for Cardiologic practice in particular, or if you have another concept you believe is well suited to AR development, we'd be happy so set up a time to discuss the details. We are conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia, and our vertically integrated studio, comprised of experienced, fully degreed professionals, is capable of handling any challenging custom software project in house. This way, we are able to keep costs under control while maintaining excellent client communication for the duration of the project, as well as ensure a flawless experience for the end user, across every platform and every device. Whether the project involves extensive database management, 3D computer modeling and animation, graphic design and multimedia production, or any type of custom software programming and design, DDA is a medical Augmented Reality app company ready to exceed your expectations.

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