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Clinical Trial Management

Augmented reality applications are being developed for many industries where the accurate identification of people is a critical component of their services, and healthcare has many applications that can take advantage of augmented reality's facial recognition capabilities. Clinical trials involve the screening and review of a large group of people. Each individual comes with a set of data that requires detailed scrutiny to determine their eligibility for participation. Once the trial is being conducted, the scheduling, testing, and the tabulation

of the results must also be accurately logged and formatted. This process can often be time-consuming and costly, and better methods to link people to their datasets add value by streamlining the connection. DDA is a leading developer of custom healthcare and medical applications, and believes an augmented reality application for clinical trial management would greatly facilitate day-to-day operations, and create a robust platform for the pharmaceutical industry moving forward. With the introduction of AR platforms on both Apple and Android (ARKit and ARCore respectively), the time has never been better to advance augmented reality applications for broad audiences.


As the pharmaceutical industry expands the scope of clinical trials, the authentication process in the screening of a pool of individuals is increasingly necessary, and the immersive capabilities of augmented reality serve to make identification more efficient. Better tools to attract participants, screen them for eligibility, and manage their participation allow for the implementation of a comprehensive patient ID program for clinical trial management.


The reduced operating costs and the improved accuracy achieved by augmented reality will continue to prove its value over the long term, and may well prove to be the new method for facial recognition and electronic health record retrieval for the foreseeable future. A reliable platform designed for ease of use and adaptability to any type of clinical trial process will enable developers to create software with strong value and broad application.


Clinicians and screening personnel can access the application from their tablet, smartphone, or AR eyewear. The camera acts as the source of the interface, and many types of information can be incorporated into a user's viewpoint. For clinical trial management purposes, facial recognition allows for accurate identification during the entire process from the initial screening process to the ongoing appointments and completion of the project. When a person comes in for an appointment, clinicians can have dynamic, real-time access to the individual's medical profile, customized to the requirements of the trial process. There is no longer the need to retrieve files; the information will be layered directly into the scene and linked to the patient for greater efficiency and accuracy.

DDA is a custom application development company with extensive experience in the medical and healthcare industry. DDA created its first AR project in 2009, and continues to lead the effort in immersive and interactive experiences. DDA's facilities are conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia, and its team of experienced professionals is capable of addressing nearly any kind of software development challenge. DDA specializes in the design and development of virtual medical simulations (VMS), and projects where the effective and accurate management of databases is a critical requirement. It also has HIPPA-compliant servers necessary to meet the stringent privacy requirements required in healthcare. Whether the project involves training programs, eLearning and certification, advanced 2D and 3D graphics and animation, multimedia production, or custom software design and development, DDA has the capability to handle it all in house. This vertical orientation ensures streamlined communications, helping to contain costs, maximize efficiency, integrate disparate technical disciplines, and optimize the end-user experience. DDA received the Tabby Award for the Best Healthcare iPad App of 2102, the first year it was issued, and is prepared to deliver the same exceptional service to future clients with the latest technology has to offer. To learn more about our AR application concept for clinical trial management, or if you have an AR concept you would like us to develop for you, contact us today.

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