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Augmented reality applications are changing the way we interact with computer information, and this innovative and immersive 3D interface is also going to have a significant impact on healthcare and medical software applications. DDA is an award-winning software production company with extensive experience in the development of experiential marketing of all types, including projects for many healthcare and medical clients. We launched our first augmented reality project back in 2009, and now, with the introduction of Apple's ARKit and other types of AR platforms, the time for AR software development has never been more feasible and profitable. New platforms make it possible for AR to be used directly on any type of mobile device, including smartphones, tablets, and hands-free options. The widespread availability of devices, combined with millions of skilled interface users, makes the time for AR software development ideal for innovation and the advancement of new ideas in the Health Care field. Augmented Reality will surely be used for advanced training in surgery and other medical procedures, and will greatly improve the VMS, or virtual medical simulation, industry, but AR will also have widespread applicability for more routine experiences as well, such as doctor's visits. DDA has a number of AR concepts we believe will greatly enhance the experience of doctor's visits for the doctor, the staff, and the patient.

For staff and patients, augmented reality applications will be used to enhance the experience on both sides of the counter. Facial recognition will allow staff to quickly identify patients and immediately call up any pertinent information from the patient database. Real time information can be readily updated via the 3D interface. For patients, scheduling information can be updated after a visit, helpful notes can be kept and stored, and graphical data such as vital sign charts can be dynamically introduced when desired. For doctors, the immersive aspects of the interface can serve to streamline and simplify information acquisition for each patient, with one access point for patient data, and without the need for additional staff attention. For innovators and developers of AR applications, the interface is infinitely malleable, with the entire range of multimedia presentation options accessible within one integrated 3D computer landscape, layered over each individual's camera viewpoint. Photorealistic rendering effects such as shadows, reflections, and more can demonstrate procedures and describe diseases. Avatars and 3D computer characters can inhabit the space and guide patients through a presentation about their medical condition. Simulated x-ray displays can be layered over a patient to describe and diagnose conditions, with floating text, charts, and diagrams that dynamically update in real time. All of this complex data can be delivered in such a way as to feel like a seamless part of the experience, functioning as a helpful aide to better inform, diagnose, and treat patients in a doctor's office setting.

At DDA, we specialize in crafting software experiences that deliver innovative concepts in a robust, long-lasting context. Our facility, located conveniently outside of Philadelphia, is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including a 30'x70' soundstage, a multimedia suite, and a sound booth. Our team of seasoned, full-time, degreed professionals employs a logical step-by-step approach to every project, and we do not outsource any portion of the work to others. By keeping all work in-house we are able to keep our clients fully informed during the process, integrate all of the project components, remove unnecessary intercommunication with other parties, and fully test the final result to ensure a flawless and seamless user experience. Whether the project requires advanced 3D computer modeling and animation, extensive database management, e-learning portals, or any type of specialized custom software design and programming, DDA is up to the challenge. If you would like to talk more about developing augmented reality applications that serve the medical community, or if you would like to know more about how AR is poised to make a difference in the doctor's office setting, let's schedule a time to meet.

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