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The widespread use of computer technology was made possible through the innovation of the graphic user interface. The distribution of numerical and tabular data into 2D graphics enabled the popular market to participate in the many advantages and features of computer information translated into icons and images. The advent of augmented reality will have a similar effect on today's interactive technology, thanks to a 3D interface that can expand the range of information design into another dimension.

Augmented reality has capabilities that make it an even more immersive and interactive experience for the end user. Known as hepatic intelligence, augmented reality can provide real feedback from 3D computer objects that further simulates the experience of viewing and handling virtual tools,

equipment, products, and more. Objects can be given perceptible weight and rendered with lifelike accuracy, including shadows, reflections, and the smell and floating steam from a virtual cup of coffee. These properties make augmented reality ideal for a wide range of applications, and, as a leading medical augmented reality app developer, DDA is looking forward to the many possibilities ahead.

Both Apple and Android introduced their augmented reality platforms, known as ARKit and ARCore respectively, making it possible for anyone with a mobile device to access high quality AR applications. The prospects for a wider audience of users and a much larger market for augmented reality makes development projects more feasible, expanding the range of creativity and innovative problem-solving.


The Electronic Health Records industry is a multimillion dollar enterprise that is always seeking advances in computer storage, retrieval, and communication. DDA's concept for an augmented reality application, EHR Connect, will allow both medical professionals and their patients to navigate the often complex world of patient medical history, progress, and current status. New tools that facilitate this navigation and provide a more intuitive and intelligible method of communication will serve the community as they seek to make the best and most informed decisions. Healthcare is dependent on the quality of its information, and augmented reality offers users a more hands on approach to information that can be touched, studied, and enhanced with associated images, text, and other graphics.


The seamless and intuitive properties of augmented reality have the capability to enhance many types of experiences, and AR has already made great strides in virtual medical simulation for advanced training procedures. Now that AR is part of the mainstream, applications like EHR Connect can offer a new paradigm of information design, with simulation technology customized to meet the needs of surgeons, doctors, nurses, clinicians, and their patients, as they navigate their way to higher standards of care.


Users can access EHR Connect on their mobile device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free option. The camera acts as the source of the interface and allows for customized environments to be layered into a user's viewpoint. 3D guides can direct you through offices and buildings. The AR app can include facial recognition which can bring up patient data when a patient is viewed from the perspective of the application. Electronic health records can be accessed from a main patient dashboard based on a given body system or particular conditions the patient may have. Text, charts, diagrams, and other graphic data can be translated into 3D information when applicable, to make the information more understandable. Data can be linked to areas of the body for doctor or patient review, creating an information delivery system that is deeply immersive and engaging.

DDA is an award-winning medical augmented reality app company with a great track record of satisfied clients in the Healthcare community. DDA created its first AR project in 2009, and was awarded the Tabby Award for best healthcare iPad app for 2012. DDA specializes in the development of challenging and innovative concepts for the custom mobile software application industry, and believes the time for AR applications has never been more advantageous. DDA's studios are located just outside of Philadelphia, and its team of experienced professional software designers and programmers, graphic designers, multimedia specialists, and 3D animators can handle virtually any software design and development project, including eLearning, database development, or any type of custom software design. DDA does not outsource any of the work to outside parties, allowing it to use a streamlined approach to production that keeps cost under control, while maintaining consistent standards at all development phases and ensuring a seamless and fully integrated end user experience. Learn more about EHR Connect, or tell us about another AR concept you may have. Contact us today.

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