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Augmented reality is an emerging technology that is being employed for more applications and more industries every year. Both Apple and Android have introduced their augmented reality platforms, named ARKit and ARCore respectively, and this development has made the widespread use of AR a readily accessible reality. Anyone with a mobile device can have access to augmented reality applications, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device. As a leading developer of online experiences, DDA is excited about the future of AR and the potential implications for

businesses and end users worldwide. One of the most significant areas of interest for the capabilities of augmented reality is advanced emergency training in the medical and healthcare industries. As an aspect of VMS, or virtual medical simulations, the opportunity to reach a new generation of EMT specialists, emergency room doctors and nurses, and other medical professions involved in emergency care through online devices with simulation training of unprecedented realism and immersiveness is a highly promising prospect.


The need for emergency care is widespread in the community, with expertise and certification now dispensed only in restricted and often prohibitively expensive scenarios. The ability to simulate emergency scenarios with no risk enables online users to develop professional levels of emergency preparedness in a flexible setting designed to reach the largest possible pool of trainees. This will allow for a different training format that can attract more skilled prospective professionals and establish a new standard of education for this urgently necessary aspect of medical training.


This application has tremendous potential for clients, students, and surgeons, and offers a new learning paradigm that is cost-effective, standardized, has great potential for reaching the widest possible pool of interested parties, and lowers the risks of surgery, all while improving the chances for success. As a leading developer of custom mobile software applications, DDA believes this use of Augmented Reality is ideally suited for development and implementation.


The risk free, flexible, and cost-effective format of augmented reality puts state-of-the-art training tools in the hands of many more eligible applicants, and creates a higher standard of care for all concerned. An emergency training AR application could include device recognition for those medical devices most commonly used in emergency care. Users could access additional information about parts and controls on each medical device, and could manipulate the device in coordination with procedural training protocols built into the AR application, with real-time feedback provided to guide clinicians on proper use of the device in various emergency contexts. The protocol can be enhanced with 3D avatars of patients that are accompanied by background information contextualizing the emergency treatment, with the avatar reacting to user input based upon adherence to treatment standards of the protocol in question. The application can also include simulated 3D medical devices, so that trainees can treat simulated patients in a variety of real-world first aid settings, giving them real-world context to the challenges they will face. As part of a complete medical education, emergency training apps using augmented reality are bound to be highly valuable in the training of the next generation of healthcare professionals.

DDA has award-winning experience in the development of custom mobile software applications for the medical industry, and we maintain a long list of satisfied clients with repeat business over many years. We focus on addressing the core goals of any software development project and exceeding our clients' expectations through a logical, step-by-step approach that takes innovative concepts and develops software with measurable and trackable results. Whether the project requires extensive database management, e-learning, graphic design, 3D computer modeling and animation, or custom software design and programming, we have the capability to do it all in-house. By maintaining a comprehensive skill set, we avoid using third parties to complete a project. This keeps our costs low and ensures an integrated and flawless end user experience. If you want to know more about how Augmented Reality is going to change medical education, and Emergency Care training in particular, we'd be happy to arrange a time for a thorough presentation.

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