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The Healthcare and Medical industries will be able to take full advantage of the numerous potential benefits of Augmented Reality. As a 3D computer interface with unprecedented immersive and interactive capabilities, Augmented Reality holds enormous promise for all sorts of applications, with software ranging from advanced VMS, or virtual medical simulations for surgical procedures, to apps for travel, hobbies, and entertainment. Serving both specialized interests and everyday concerns, the future of custom software development for AR healthcare applications is very bright. DDA is an award-winning developer of healthcare mobile apps, and we created our first AR project in 2009. Recent developments in Augmented Reality include Apple's release of its AR platform, ARKit, and participation in this innovative information delivery method will invigorate the market and produce many exciting concepts for applications and industries across the software development landscape.

DDA's extensive experience with the healthcare community, and the widespread availability of skilled users of mobile devices, makes it an ideal time to discuss concepts for healthcare applications that employ Augmented Reality. We believe the immersive qualities of AR will make it an ideal method for exercise programs to access data while you work out and new graphical methods that place themselves into your camera viewpoint will make the enhancements seem like a seamless and indispensable feature of your exercise routine.

At DDA we don't just create software; we craft experiences that are meaningful, memorable, and enjoyable. We strive to deliver results that address the core goals of the project, provide all of the features necessary to produce a professional application, and ensure quality control for maximum integration and bug-free, seamless end user experiences. Our facility is conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia, and we produce all of our work in-house to ensure a streamlined, cost effective process and full client communication. Our team of experienced professionals has created solutions for many types of health care applications and DDA was awarded the Tabby Award for best app development in 2012 and 2014. If you would like to discuss exercise applications for the AR development market, or if you would like to hear more about AR and how it's having a profound impact on the application development industry, we'd be happy to arrange a time to discuss it.

Here's one way it might work. By accessing an application from your mobile device, especially a hands-free option, or with projection capabilities from a smartphone, users will begin their exercise routine with a series of prompts. Your exercise room can be customized to achieve a more conducive environment, from a glossy clean workout space, to a restful tatami mat space for a Tai Chi session. You can receive instructions from a customized avatar who appears to stand inside your unique perspective, with photorealistic effects that update in real-time, whether it's your favorite trainer, or Laurence Fishbourne teaching you jiu-jitsu. Floating text bars and audio prompts can give guidance and running information about your pulse, performance, distance, number of reps, etc. Yoga poses can be indicated with arrows and foot positions that appear within your room, and your asanas can be corrected for proper form in real-time. Activities of all sorts can be enhanced with the informational features available in the Augmented Reality interface, and DDA can work with you to maximize performance for the user, the developer, and its impact in the market.

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