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DDA is pleased to be a part of the most advanced online technologies and experiences, with a long standing record of success in the fields of hybrid media/technology platforms, custom software design and development, experiential marketing, Virtual Games, Virtual Simulations, database development, VR, and Augmented Reality. In the interest of raising awareness among the experiential marketing community about the advent of Apple's ARKit Technology, DDA is making strides to bring forth new ideas that inspire and motivate others. ARKit is a game changer, not just for the gaming & entertainment industries, but for the entire spectrum of computer application development. With a compelling 3D interface that effectively integrates the real world from your camera viewpoint with a set of world-making tools that build an application directly into your environment, augmented reality is poised to become the new way we interact with information. DDA is uniquely positioned to help you take maximum advantage of augmented reality, combining innovation with cost effective logic- driven strategies that go far beyond the gloss of new ideas and retrieve the most essential features that bring lasting value to any application development project.

Because of DDA's well established reputation for creating award winning health care mobile applications, we can readily see the benefits augmented reality offers to medical professionals for medical training. Prospective surgeons can be placed into real world environments and asked to carry out a series of steps using virtual tools within that perspective. Real time feedback can be incorporated for a level of real world training unmatched in vivid accuracy and ease of use. Because of the iPhone and iPad's ubiquity in the mobile marketplace, access to the interface is widespread, with millions of expert users already available for interaction. As with many successful simulation applications, valuable information can be delivered in the most immersive format without the risks associated with the actual skill set being developed. Medical training with augmented reality will soon become a robust new trend in the development of an advanced medical curriculum with superior real world simulation environments. From patient interaction and diagnosis to advanced medical procedures, the ARKit opportunity is a promising development.

DDA's production facility is conveniently located just outside Philadelphia and our full-time, highly trained staff can take on any mobile application development challenge with an integrated step-by-step approach that can incorporate any type of computer programming and visualization requirement. Featuring a fully equipped professional video studio with sound booth, a full suite of multimedia tools, and a team of degreed computer programmers, we are skilled with the successful implementation of innovative ideas into the mobile application marketplace. In addition to professional graphic design and 3D computer modeling services, DDA can provide Aerial Drone footage, Virtual Reality, 360 Video, along with Mobile Application development, database programming, custom eLearning Platforms etc.

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