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Medical Device Operation

The prospects for augmented reality applications have increased dramatically recently with the introduction of ARKit and ARCore, Apple's and Android's augmented reality platforms. This development allows anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device to access high quality immersive and interactive augmented reality applications for many types of customized experiences. The widespread availability of online AR makes the potential for creativity and innovation open to the many industries and activities that can take advantage of AR's formidable capabilities. As pioneers in the field of VMS, or virtual medical simulations, and as a leading medical augmented reality app designer, DDA is excited about the many development possibilities ahead, and has a number of application concepts for the healthcare industry it believes are ready for immediate consideration.

Augmented reality employs the camera on a mobile device as the source for its interface, layering different types of 3D computer data directly over the user's unique vantage point. Virtual environments can alter the setting, and computer avatars can act as guides in a detailed training process. Text, charts, diagrams, and other graphics can be introduced into the scene as well, linked to virtual or actual objects for real time information delivery. In a simulation format, augmented reality can be used for zero-risk training in the operation of sensitive equipment, and this is of critical value where skilled training is necessary for life-saving medical technology. Augmented reality applications for the medical device operation will provide a highly practical, cost-effective platform to use as a standardized testing and training program for medical professionals nationwide.

One of the most important features of AR in regard to medical device operation is its capability with both virtual and actual equipment. In a virtual scenario, a fully detailed 3D model can be manipulated within the clinical environment it will be used with real-time simulated feedback. This method will be useful for development projects, and in situations where the risks or costs of actual equipment is prohibitive. This can also be used as a promotional tool to encourage adoption of new medical devices. In situations where trainees are using real equipment, augmented reality can be employed to indicate device operation, with instructions on using the device delivered in real time with dynamic arrows and other graphic aids indicating how to manipulate device controls. Training can be evaluated and certified as part of a medically approved licensure process.

DDA has been a leader in the online marketing industry since its inception, and we continue to break new ground in VMS and Augmented Reality. We developed our first AR project in 2009 and we were awarded the Tabby Award for best healthcare iPad app of the year in 2012. Our studio is located just outside Philadelphia, and we have developed one of the most comprehensive skill sets of any medical augmented reality app company anywhere. DDA is a team of seasoned professionals prepared to address any type of software challenge in-house, without the use of third party subcontractors. This way we keep productions costs under control, maintain excellent communication with our clients, and ensure a flawless and fully integrated experience for every end user, across every platform to every device. Whether the project requires extensive database management, eLearning and certification, 3D modeling and animation, graphic design and multimedia production, and any type of software programming and design, DDA is ready to exceed your expectations. If you would like to hear more about how Augmented Reality will impact the Medical Device Operation process, or if you have another concept you think is suited to Augmented Reality development, we'd be happy to set up a time to discuss the details.

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