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Medication Adherence

As a leading developer of cutting edge custom software, DDA is excited about the recent AR developments that make augmented reality practical and user devices widely available. Apple's ARKit, Android's ARCore, and other emerging AR platforms, are making the prospect of augmented reality application development timelier and more advantageous than ever. We launched our first AR project in 2009 and can see the benefits of future development in AR for many industries and activities. With many of our clients coming from healthcare, we are pleased to raise awareness in the community about these exciting opportunities.

Augmented reality is a new interactive 3D medium that layers directly onto your camera viewpoint. Using a smartphone, tablet, heads-up display, head-mounted display, or AR eyeglasses, users will be able to access applications that will fuse with their surroundings, offering all types of multimedia information into this immersive and interactive format. Applications for the medical industry will be developed for all sorts of situations, from advanced VMS surgical training to doctor's visits facilitation and dietary planning. DDA foresees good opportunity in the development of AR applications for adherence to medication schedules.


With millions of prescriptions, and a slow and steady increase in medication use, the need to make an informed decision is essential. For the aged population in particular, there is a need to stay on top of a prescription program and be accurate with the dosage and schedule. DDA's prescription applications will keep anyone with a prescription program on track, with tools that allow an application user to maintain a strict adherence to a program and ways to navigate a pharmacy for the desired result.


Because prescription use is so widespread, any AR applications that encourage accuracy and recommended use will help in the effort to prevent abuse as well as lapses in proper treatment. The immersive qualities of the interface will serve to make the program more seamlessly integrated into a person's everyday life and to ensure a healthy maintenance of prescribed drug usage.


The application can be accessed by one's online mobile device. Reminders can be programmed into the application to ensure adherence to the schedule, and the application can help you identify medications and dosage size to ensure a proper amount and timing, whether you are at home or in the pharmacy. You can use your camera lens to scan items in a store to identify which medications can fit within your existing program. Any conflicting medications will be identified, as well as recommended medications. For users at home, the aged population can access the application to scan their medications and indicate which medications need to be taken, and when. The application will be able to take a person's dietary habits and match it with the medications to ensure they are taken with or without food as recommended. The application will be especially effective for when dosage needs to be adjusted through time, as the camera input can determine new measurements for liquid or granular medications that adhere to a set schedule of rising or falling dosage amounts. Immersive programs are ideal for the elderly, who may not be able to remember when they need to keep to a schedule, and this application will make sure the regimen stays on course.

DDA was awarded the Tabby Award in 2012 and 2014 for our mobile software applications, and is ready to bring augmented reality applications into your world. DDA is located just outside of Philadelphia, and has one of the most comprehensive list of capabilities of any software production company available, nationally or locally. Because DDA keeps all of its work in-house, DDA is able to maintain full control over every step of development to ensure a complete product that integrates all of the special features of the software. DDA employs a methodical approach to development that seeks client review and input throughout, helping contain costs by eliminating time spent pursuing an unwanted direction while keeping all stakeholders aware of the possibilities at each stage. DDA takes exciting, innovative concepts to market with maximum functionality, ease of use, and results that can be readily tracked and measured in the marketplace. Whether the project requires 3D modeling and animation, database management, graphic design, or multimedia effects, DDA has the capability and experience to make it happen. To discuss the possibilities for our medication application concept, or another concept you think would be appropriate for development in augmented reality, contact us today.

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