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Software development for the healthcare industry has often been at the cutting edge of innovation, and, as leading developers of custom mobile software apps, DDA is excited about the future of augmented reality. DDA creates custom software experiences for a wide array of businesses and industries, and has many years of experience working with the healthcare/medical community. As one of the leading creators of virtual medical simulations (VMS), DDA sees many benefits for the use of augmented reality for a variety of medical applications that add value and offer new ways to access information when needed. DDA believes medication applications in particular will be well suited to AR development, with the potential to help those people who use medications in an ongoing regimen and want or need support to keep in adherence to their prescription plans.

By accessing medication applications through your smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device, you will be able to see all of your prescription data at a glance. Your calendar of medications will automatically update every time you take a medication and reminders can be set up for better adherence to your plan. The benefit of a 3D interface like that provided by AR is its immersive and seamless role in your life. Now it will be easy to have detailed information at your fingertips and within your unique camera perspective right when you need it. Information can be provided in any number of ways. AR applications can be used to recognize medication inside or outside of its container. They can be used to help with proportioning liquid or granular dosages, which can be especially beneficial when prescriptions call for either slowly raising or lowering dosage through time. Computer generated avatars can inhabit your space and offer useful prescription information along with associated dietary conditions. Textual and audio prompts can provide data about conflicting medications, possible side effects, or other critical factors, and all in real time. While these types of applications will be useful for a wide audience of potential users, DDA believes these medication applications will be ideal for the elderly community, where timely and accurate prescription use is of critical value.

At DDA, we strive to maximize value in our software. DDA has developed industry-leading interactive multimedia experiences since the inception of the internet, and launched its first AR project back in 2009. The widespread availability of mobile devices, and new innovations in AR platforms, make the prospect of custom AR software application development most timely and viable. DDA's experienced team of degree-holding professionals can address all of the core goals of any type of software, determine the best way to implement the design, produce any special features for the project, including database development, graphic design, multimedia production, interactivity programming, and more. Because DDA produces all of its work in house, costs are kept under control and final results are fully integrated and tested for quality to ensure a seamless and trouble-free user experience.

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