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Virtual medical simulations (VMS) have been used in association with advanced medical practice for several years now, primarily as a tool to enhance robotic surgical procedures. The advent of augmented reality (AR) promises to be another significant development in the use of computer interfaces to aid and enable specialized types of medical activity. Both Apple and Android have introduced their AR platforms, named ARKit and ARCore respectively, making it possible for anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or AR eyewear to have access to high quality immersive experiences using an augmented reality interface. DDA is a leading medical augmented eality app company, and believes there are many ways innovative AR applications can be used to serve the healthcare industry. Orthopedics is a branch of medicine that can make effective use of AR in many areas of practice, from diagnostic tools, surgical, and patient interface tools, to AR apps for nurses, physical therapists, and patients.

Augmented reality uses the camera on a smartphone or tablet to compose the environment it portrays, meshing reality with 3D computer graphics. This allows AR apps to modify the environment, add 3D avatars and objects, and link 2D data to both real and virtual objects in the scene. Augmented reality effectively transforms a device camera's view into an informational landscape, one highly customized to meet specialized requirements.


Orthopedics is a critical part of medical practice, and, as our population ages, more techniques need to be developed to address their needs. Orthopedics is also important in addressing sports-related and occupational injuries. Augmented reality apps for orthopedics can help provide specialized data when and where it's needed, in a dynamic, real-time format that enhances medical procedures, accelerates information delivery, and improves retention. AR can be employed in a classroom setting, used as a way to describe symptoms and procedures to patients, provide ways for nurses to scan a group of patients during their rounds, and aid therapists in their work with patients during their post-op recovery process.


Augmented reality sofwtware allows for orthopedic apps to be cost-effectively designed and developed, with the ability to update their capabilities and features. The opportunity to provide engaging and memorable learning experiences through guided augmented reality training offers the opportunity to reach a much wider audience of prospective surgeons, with high quality instruction in a zero-risk, zero-liability format. Apps for the orthopedic industry can also serve to set a more widely recognized standard of practice, with the opportunity to network its features and capabilities as part of a medically certified program of national and international instruction and service.


Users will access orthopedic apps on their smartphone, tablet, or AR eyewear. Diagnostic tools applied to a patient's body can use dynamic graphic arrows layered over their limbs, and a surgeon can show the patient where incisions will be made. 3D graphics can show cutaways of the body as viewed through the smartphone to simulate the procedure and make it more understandable for the patient. AR information for orthopedic surgery can be used for delivering data in the form of 2D charts and graphs that update in real time, tracking patient response during the procedure. Post-operational rehabilitation exercises can be facilitated through AR apps, especially using AR eyewear, showing patients how and where to move which limbs, the duration to hold various poses, and prompts to move from one rehabilitation exercise to the next. The app can also include timed reminders to ensure adherence to the rehabilitation schedule. Visualization tools for gauging progress during post op therapy can be used to evaluate their current range of motion, the target range of motion, as well as their pain response during exercise. The orthopedic app can also be applied as a teaching tool, enhancing the experience of working with medical dolls with additional information to combine the tactile aspects of procedures with the layered information of eLearning and traditional instruction.

DDA is a medical augmented reality app company with extensive experience in healthcare. DDA introduced its first AR project in 2009, and received the Tabby Award for the Best Healthcare iPad App of 2102. As pioneers in virtual medical simulation technology, DDA is excited about the new opportunities opened up by ARKit an ARCore, and can see many ways for healthcare organizations to implement innovative AR concepts across the entire range of the practice, from tools to facilitate patient ID on the hospital floor, to apps that help patients with their physical therapy, and more applications that focus on orthopedics and its set of challenges and concerns. DDA is located just outside Philadelphia, and uts staff of experienced professionals is capable of handling nearly any software development challenge in house, without resorting to third parties. Keeping all development under one roof ensures that project goals track well between DDA and its clients, and helps control costs through direct control of all design and development processes. DDA uses a methodical, step-by-step approach to software design and development, taking innovative ideas through a detailed process that addresses the core goals of the project, facilitates intuitive interface design, employs the best coding for optimum performance and flexibility, and ensures a flawless and satisfying experience for the end user. From 3D computer modeling and animation, 2D graphic design, multimedia production, to any type of custom software design and programming, DDA is the medical augmented reality app company with the expertise and experience to make the project a reality. Learn more about AR application development for orthopedics. Contact us today.

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