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Modern communication methods are incorporating more intuitive ways to navigate through computer information, and Augmented reality is having a major impact in the world of information design. As the next generation meets the responsibilities of healthcare, both for patients and their clinicians, innovative interfaces for more effective communication will play an integral role in the medicine. Augmented reality is a new interactive 3D interface that has recently become a possibility. Apple and Android released their AR platforms, known as ARKit and ARCore respectively, and has opened up the development opportunities across the entire range of software design. Anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device will be able to access high quality AR applications that enhance their level of participation and engage them more thoroughly in the experience. Augmented reality is poised to transform many types of activities, from advanced virtual medical simulations (VMS), to machine assembly and operation, entertainment, and much more. Now, patient clinician communication will incorporate Augmented Reality and take advantage of its immersive and interactive capabilities.

Augmented reality uses the camera of a mobile device for the source of the interface. This way, the unique vantage point of the camera is meshed with layers of customized 3D computer data, ranging from environmental graphics with the ability to transform the setting, 3D avatar guides and other figures that can be interacted with in specific scenarios, and 3D virtual objects that can be linked with text, charts, and other data for additional information. Operational and navigational arrows allow users to interact with both virtual and actual objects in their environment for a specific health program, and much more.

Users will access AR apps on their mobile device. Clinicians can use advanced 3D computer graphics to show patients many detailed aspects of a procedure, engaging people into a more informed and better prepared response to their recovery. Patients will be able to access apps relating to their treatment at home, in the clinic with the guidance of their health professional, or anywhere it might be convenient to review records, scan their bodies for real time health data, and more.

DDA is a pioneer in virtual medical simulations and other advanced eLearning platforms, with years of experience and many satisfied long term clients. DDA launched its first augmented reality app in 2009, and was awarded the Tabby Award in 2012 for the Best Mobile Healthcare iPad App. The DDA studio is conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia, and DDA's vertically integrated team of professionals an exceptionally diverse range of capabilities. DDA does not outsource any of its work, and can handle nearly any custom software design challenge in house. DDA's methodical approach and fully integrated production process helps establish final results that are consistent with the initial vision while maximizing efficiency. The development possibilities are abundant, and the value in augmented reality apps for patient clinician communication represents a tremendous opportunity for healthcare organizations to distinguish themselves as exceptional among their peers. Augmented reality represents the latest advance in computer simulation technology, and with the AR development kits now available, AR app development projects are more feasible and profitable than ever, with unprecedented opportunities for innovation and marketability. From eLearning, 3D computer modeling and animation, to graphic design, multimedia production, database development, and any type of custom software programming and design, DDA is ready to exceed your expectations.

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