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Augmented Reality provides a new way to access and engage in computer data, and the many features and capabilities of this exciting 3D interface are beginning to be incorporated into a wide array of new applications. The medical and healthcare industry is employing Augmented Reality for advanced Virtual Medical Simulations, known as VMS, and with ARKIT and ARCore, Apple's and Android's AR platforms, the prospects for more Augmented Reality applications are even more feasible. ARKit and ARCore make Augmented Reality available on any mobile device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free option. This widespread availability will enable developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators to implement applications with broad market potential. As leading developers of custom mobile software applications for many industries, DDA believes the Medical and Healthcare field has many areas where Augmented Reality can have an immediate and beneficial impact, and one of them involves the development of better tools for patient information.

Just as the 2D graphic user interface allowed users to participate in an easily legible, 2D graphic layout that facilitated general use and efficient data retrieval and acquisition, the 3D interface of Augmented Reality will provide users with a whole new host of options. Using a mobile device, users will be able to access high quality AR experiences online through their camera. With the unique camera perspective, Augmented Reality can layer in all kinds of 3D computer graphics, from environmental information to change the setting, to 3D avatars that can guide users through a programmed set of experiences. 3D computer objects can be interacted with, providing real time feedback for vivid and engaging simulations. Floating text, charts, and other graphics can be linked to both virtual and actual objects for a completely immersive environment. The possibilities for application development are extensive, and the time has never been more opportune for innovation in the field of patient information. From simulation programs with 3D computer simulations that show detailed procedures, to medical data that is more easily navigable and understandable, Augmented Reality has a bright future for the Medical and Health Care Industry.

DDA is a pioneer in the world of Virtual Medical Simulations, and we have been crafting custom software experiences for the Medical and Health Care profession for over twenty years. We created our first AR project in 2009 and recently were awarded the 2012 Tabby Award for best Healthcare mobile app of the year. We specialize in the development of innovative concepts, using a logical and integrated approach that keeps the core goals of the project as the highest priority. Our facility is located in the Philadelphia suburbs, and we have developed a team of professionals capable of handling any type of custom software project in-house, without resorting to third parties. This way we are able to keep production costs under control and to maintain excellent communication with the client during the course of the project. Whether the project requires database management, eLearning, 3D modeling and animation, graphic design and multimedia production, and any type of custom software design and programming, DDA is prepared to make it happen. If you would like to know more about how we think Augmented Reality is going to transform the world of Patient Information, or if you have a specific AR application idea you would like to develop with us, let's set up a time to discuss it further.

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