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Patient Recruitment

New application concepts for Augmented Reality are being developed for a wide range of industries and activities, and the medical and healthcare industry can also find many ways to incorporate this highly intuitive interface into their working processes. Augmented Reality is a 3D interface that employs the camera of a mobile device as the basis for information delivery. 3D computer graphics can be layered into a user's unique vantage point and seamlessly integrated into the perspective, with graphics that can alter the setting, introduce virtual avatars, and link text, charts, and other graphics to both actual and virtual objects. Advanced facial recognition has the capability to link detailed medical data to patients for effective screening processes.

As pioneers in the field of VMS, or Virtual Medical Simulations, DDA is excited about Apple and Android's AR platforms, known as ARKit and ARCore, respectively. This makes the prospect of AR development open for many other avenues of medical work, from advanced training and diagnostic tools, to applications that stimulate patient recruitment for clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry.


Clinical Trials lie at the heart of the pharmaceutical industry, because these tests are carefully regulated to ensure safety and full compliance with FDA. The process of initiating and conducting the necessary tests rely on public participation, and new methods for patient recruitment will fill a direct need in this aspect of pharmaceutical processes. Screening participants is a costly and time consuming process, and the ability to quickly review a larger pool of prospective individuals will speed up patient recruitment and make it more streamlined and efficient.


Innovative development in the pharmaceutical industry will provide better tools for those marketing the ongoing research activities of their companies as they conduct trials and recruit patients for participation. Better tools make for better patient outreach and allow clinicians to make more informed decisions. As companies, clinicians, and patients make use of Augmented Reality applications, they can all benefit from the increased communication and the long term advantages of pharmaceutical research and development.


Clinicians will access the AR application on their mobile device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or AR eyewear. Applicants for a clinical trial can be scanned for a detailed review of their potential eligibility. Facial recognition matches the candidate with their online presence to determine their identity, gather all instances of their image online, and augment their image with social media information pulled from their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. accounts. Selections can be quickly validated and ineligible or otherwise unsuitable candidates removed.

Augmented Reality is poised to become the new standard by which we measure the effectiveness of screening processes, and the medical profession will continue to be one of the industry leaders in developing the scope of Augmented Reality for the immediate future and beyond.

DDA is a medical Augmented Reality app developer with many satisfied clients and ongoing relationships with repeat business. We have been involved with experiential marketing since the inception of the internet, and we launched our first AR project in 2009. In 2012, we received the Tabby Award for best healthcare iPad app of the year. We take a logical, step-by-step approach to innovation. By addressing the core goals of any custom mobile software application development project, we determine the best strategy and select the best tools for the job. Our team of skilled professionals can handle any of the necessary features of the project in-house, without resorting to third parties. This way we are able to keep production costs under control, maintain excellent communication with our clients during the process, and ensure a flawless end user experience, across all platforms and to every device. If you would like to know more about our concept for an Augmented Reality application that improves patient recruitment for clinical trials, or if you have another concept you think is well suited to Augmented Reality development, we'd be pleased to set up a time to discuss it. We are conveniently located just outside Philadelphia, and we would be pleased to hear from you.

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