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Augmented reality is about to have a major impact on the way we interact with computer information. Apple and Android released their AR platforms, known as ARKit and ARCore, making the 3D interface of AR available to wider audience of skilled end users. Anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or AR eyewear can access Augmented Reality apps using the camera as the source of the interface. Photorealistic graphics can render environments, introduce avatars, and 3D virtual objects can be manipulated and programmed to deliver real time sensory feedback, for a fully immersive and interactive simulation experience. Text, charts, diagrams, and other graphics can be linked to both virtual and actual objects for a dynamic, real time informational landscape.

DDA is a leading medical augmented reality app company, and understands the advantages for many medical specialties to develop new augmented reality application concepts. As pioneers in VMS, or virtual medical simulations, DDA is excited about development opportunities that expand the use of AR from enhancing robotic surgery and other cutting edge procedures to medical specialties like cardiology and pediatrics.


As the demand for pediatric care increases, the need for better trained clinicians, doctors, nurses, and other medical staff becomes critically important. Higher standards of performance are necessary, and augmented reality is ideally suited to create simulations that provide detailed training programs for students, interns, and nurses in a convenient format. A general need for more standardization of high quality health care and a wider outreach to potential medical professionals will allow for more communities to have access to professional medical services.


Augmented reality offers dramatic new ways to communicate complex medical topics in a way that is more easily understood by pediatric patients and their parents. By layering information onto a real-world view of the child, the conditions and treatments discussed by the clinician can be understood at a more visceral level, and the information personalized. With increased understanding comes greater peace of mind as the patient and family understand the fundamental principles underlying treatments and therapies.


Pediatric patients in particular can have trouble understanding complex medical topics. Augmented reality can layer 3D anatomical models onto whatever bodies are in view, allowing users to connect complicated biological structures and processes to actual people. Broken bones, sprained muscles, allergies, asthma, and a host of other conditions can be illuminated by looking at the underlying structural issues through an AR application. For example, a child with a sprained ankle can point a smartphone at their ankle to see what the sprained muscle may look like in relationship to the muscles around it, then see an animation of that muscle settling into its proper orientation after the appropriate treatments are applied. By showing pediatric patients how injuries and disorders function in their body, and how treatments work to address them, children can come away with greater confidence in the treatment protocols, thus maximizing the chances of proper adherence and better outcomes.

DDA is an innovative medical augmented reality app company with years of experience with healthcare organizations of all kinds. DDA introduced our first AR project in 2009 and now, with the introduction of ARKit and ARCore, there's never been a more feasible and advantageous time to create innovative mobile apps for the medical organizations. DDA received its first Tabby Award for the Best Healthcare iPad App of 2102, and continues to lead our clients into the next generation of interface and information design. DDA is located just outside of Philadelphia, and its vertically integrated studios offer an incredible depth of diverse services. DDA's experienced professionals perform all work in house, from animation and video to graphic design, database development, and programming. This helps keep production cost under control, maintain the shared project vision throughout all development stages, and ensure a flawless and engaging end-user experience across every platform and device. DDA is a medical augmented reality app company that's ready to exceed your expectations. If you would like to know more about our augmented reality app for pediatrics, or if you have another idea you think is well suited for augmented reality, contact us today.

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