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The medical community has already employed augmented reality in its development of advanced software applications for robotic surgery. With the advent of ARKit and ARCore, Apple and Android's AR platforms, the landscape for future AR development has opened up a frontier of possibilities. Anyone with an mobile device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free option will have access to augmented reality's 3D interface. AugmentedrReality uses the camera of a mobile device to deliver information that is layered directly over a user's unique perspective. 3D environmental graphics can alter the setting and focus attention for a set of customized experiences. DDA is a pioneer in the development of cutting edge virtual medical simulations (VMS), and can see the many opportunities ahead, not just for surgical procedures, but for the whole healthcare community, their products, services, and their patients.

The pharmaceutical industry in particular has much to gain from this dynamic and efficient method of computer interaction. As an industry that must make use of extensive databases, cross-linked with each other on complex timelines, pharmaceutical companies are always seeking better, more streamlined visualization methods that facilitate navigation. Augmented reality will help medical professionals, lab directors, and patients determine the best path ahead. Whether it involves managing the progress of clinical trials, laboratory research and development, or guiding trial participants through the process, AR offers a more immersive and interactive experience.

Augmented reality can help doctors and patients alike visualize the short- and long-term effects of pharmaceuticals. Users can look at their own bodies, or another's, and scan the areas that are afflicted in various conditions. The augmented reality application can use graphics over anatomical 3D models added to the viewport that allow the user to see inside the body and the structural and functional changes that occur to the body's biological processes with various diseases. Finally, the AR app can then portray how biological structures and/or functions change with the administration of pharmaceuticals. The effects of pharmaceuticals on different conditions can be shown for those used to treat multiple health problems. The interaction of the effects of pharmaceuticals with other pharmaceuticals can be portrayed as well, whether to demonstrate negative or positive effects. By giving an inside view to the mechanism of action, pharmaceutical AR apps can help communicate complex medical topics in a simple visual way that helps the viewer personalize and thus retain the information.

DDA has focused on crafting high quality interactive multimedia experiences since the inception of the internet, and continues to lead the way into the exciting field of augmented reality. DDA launched its first AR project in 2009, and its applications have received two Tabby Awards for healthcare applications, one in 2012, and another in 2014.. DDA's studios are located just outside of Philadelphia, and its team of experienced professionals have a wide range of integrated capabilities that allow DDA to meet nearly any software challenge. DDA employs a methodical approach to application development that keeps production costs under control while maintaining consonance with the shared project vision, and ensuring a flawless end result for the user, across every platform and device. Whether the project requires database development, eLearning and certification, 3D computer modeling, animation, video, graphic design, and/or any type of custom software programming, DDA is the medical augmented reality app developer with the experience and the expertise to exceed your expectations. Learn more about augmented reality's application in pharmaceuticals, or reach out with your own ideas for AR. Contact us today.

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