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Prenatal/Postnatal AR App

Augmented reality is an innovative 3D interface that has its origins in medical applications, emerging as a solution for robotic surgical procedures. As a leader in VMS, or virtual medical simulations, Augmented RealiTease has also pioneered the development of augmented reality, launching its first AR project in 2009. Apple and Android have recently introduced their respective AR development platforms, named ARKit and ARCore, making the future for the widespread development and distribution of augmented reality medical applications very promising.

For example, one of their development concepts, Prenatal/Postnatal AR, can take full advantage of the immersive and interactive properties of augmented reality to aid women in their efforts to have a successful pregnancy, and equip them with tools that make the initial stages of child care more enjoyable and trouble free. ARKit and ARCore make it possible for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to access AR apps and apply its virtual features to their lived experiences. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality uses your camera view to integrate virtual features with a real world setting, serving to enhance and enrich your world.


The process of childbirth can be fraught with worry, especially for first mothers. While not a replacement to professional medical care, Prenatal/Postnatal AR will be designed to give women the opportunity to monitor the progress of their gestation and their baby, and provide medical professionals additional tools for their practice.


Prenatal/Postnatal AR has the potential to relieve the stress around childbirth, with an app that provides more real time guidance and information. Mothers and doctors can benefit from real time data, and networking capabilities allow medical professionals to stay more connected with their patients without time consuming appointments, reducing wait times and providing a new standard of care when it's needed the most.


Users will access the Prenatal/Postnatal AR app through their smartphone or tablet. Using the camera as the source of the interface, the prospective mother can scan her belly and hear the heart beat of their baby. Images similar to ultrasound can make the life of their baby more vivid, and additional graphics will float in the camera view around the scanned area, with informational graphics and text labels for real time data. Images can be stored and the progress of childbirth can be fully documented, with vital sign information that can be archived and reviewed by medical professionals. Once the child is born, they can be scanned with the camera to acquire more real time information, with tips for avoiding diaper rash, methods to treat minor issues, feeding tips, and vital sign data. This information can be stored for consultations with the pediatrician, and medical professionals will also be able to use Prenatal/Postnatal AR as an extension of their practice, with the capability to network with their patients during the early stages of the post natal process.

About Augmented RealiTease

Augmented RealiTease has extensive experience in software development for the medical and healthcare industries, and they maintain long term relationships with many repeat clients. Augmented RealiTease received the Tabby Award for the Best Healthcare iPad App of 2012, and they continue to provide cutting edge software solutions across the entire spectrum of medical software applications. Conveniently located just outside Philadelphia, Augmented RealiTease's team of professional designers, programmers and multimedia specialists are prepared to take on all aspects of a software development project in house, without resorting to third party contractors. This way they control all project components and integrate them into one cohesive final result, one that is fully tested and offers a seamless experience for all users across every platform to reach every device. If you want to learn more about Augmented Reality in general, or if you would like to hear more about our Prenatal/Postnatal AR concept, Augmented RealiTease would be pleased to arrange a suitable time to discuss the possibilities. Contact us today.

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