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Psychology Augmented Reality Application

Psychology AR App

Augmented reality is an emerging technology that is changing the way people relate to computer information, with exciting possibilities across all types of industries and professions. With the advent of Apple's ARKit and Android's ARCore augmented reality platforms, it's possible to deliver high quality immersive and interactive AR experiences across every mobile device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet or a hands-free option. This widespread availability of augmented reality has opened up the

software development landscape, with a promising new field of opportunities for developers, entrepreneurs, educators, and others interested in the AR's capabilities. The medical and healthcare industry in particular has much to gain from augmented reality, and researchers in psychiatry are discovering ways for computers to provide valuable therapies for schizophrenic and autistic patients.


The statistics for the incidence of autism in the U.S. population are alarming, with dramatic increases over the last twenty years. While some progress has been made in determining the cause, there is also the urgent need for effective treatment. Finding effective solutions for the treatment of schizophrenics has also proven to be a deeply challenging problem, and computer therapy employing avatars has shown to have a beneficial effect.


This therapy app can provide new hope and another innovative option in the fight against autism, Asperger's, and schizophrenia. As a cost-effective method that can be readily accessed in a clinical setting or at home, patients may discover a way to develop healthier interactive modes they can incorporate into their lives using vivid and engaging augmented reality technology.


Patients with a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or hands-free device can access the therapy app. This can project the psychiatrist's presence into the patient's immediate surroundings, or the therapist can use it to add visualization to an in-person conselling session. The immersive properties of AR can involve the patient into a virtual setting suited to their needs, with a level of realism calibrated to have the optimum effect. This allows the psychiatrist to take the patient through simulated scenarios, while keeping a tie-in to the safe therapeutic atmosphere and the guiding voice of the psychiatrist. 3D computer avatars can be introduced to the therapy to simulate specific social scenarios, and 3D virtual objects that can be manipulated and interacted with. People and objects in the room can be made to appear in planned intervals to give greater depth to an unfolding scene. The entire scenario can be customized for a more relatable experience that can gradually help the patient understand how to integrate more deeply in a wider variety of social contexts, and handle a broader array of interpersonal challenges.

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