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Reflexology Augmented Reality Application


New computer interface concepts have been introduced that will change the way we interact with computer information, and, as leaders in the custom mobile software development industry, DDA is pleased to share our excitement about the many opportunities ahead. Both Apple and Android introduced their AR platforms, known as ARKit and ARCore respectively, and this has proven to be a game-changing development in the world of custom mobile software applications. Augmented reality is a 3D interface that is designed to allow for a higher standard of computer graphics and speed, combined with a new level of interactivity for an environment that can be wholly customized to create the ideal environment for specialized work or therapy.

DDA is a pioneer in the development of new interactive medical training applications, and continues to provide our clients with the latest and most sophisticated custom mobile software to achieve their goals.

As augmented reality continues to be incorporated into the online experience, more industries and activities will be developing applications that take advantage of this highly immersive and interactive 3D interface. Augmented reality utilizes the camera on a mobile device to display computer information, with the ability to transform an actual environment into a virtual experience, one customized for a set of specific requirements.


Many of the techniques used in healthcare require precise dexterity comnbined with a deep understanding of underlying anatomy. Augmented reality is poised to be the perfect guide to initial practice, as it allows the user to take action within real-world contexts with additional information provided to contextualize that action in the underlying knowledge base and guide the user to optimize their practice with interactive visual aids provided in real time.


Augmented reality has the potential to deliver a new standard for medical care for a whole range of specialized services and therapies, and reflexology is part of a series of application concepts DDA would like to incorporate into the most advanced methods of modern medical practice.


The Augmented reality application for Reflexology can be used for both training and client consultations. Using a mobile device, the AR application can be accessed and used on a model, stand-in patient, or actual patient. The user can select from a searchable list of conditions to be treated in the reflexology session, with the specific areas of hands and feet identified with superimposed color highlights to indicate which areas need to be stimulated to provide relief from the condtiion. Feedback to reflex testing and input can be measured and graphically displayed, with graphical arrows that indicate the measure of response and compare it to typical responses. Treatment patterns for specific patients and their combined conditions and issues can be saved for later retrieval in subsequent sessions. Progress can be measured over time and logged into a database to evaluate the efficacy of a treatment program.

DDA is a leading developer of custom mobile software applications for many types of industries, and our clients range across the entire spectrum of manufacturing and services, from products and education, to entertainment and advanced VMS programs for the Medical and Healthcare industry. DDA launched our first AR project back in 2009, and won Tabby Awards in 2012 and 2014 for two of its mobile apps for the healthcare industry, one a virtual medical simulation, and the other a deep learning and collaboration tool used during pharmaceutical meetings. DDA's pioneering efforts in VMS and AR allows it to see the many possibilities for augmented reality development in the immediate future, and the company believes the time for the implementation of new application has never been more opportune. If you would like to take advantage of the many features and capabilities of augmented reality and you need expert guidance in the creation of robust solutions for responsive and accurate software applications, DDA is ready to meet the challenge, with a range of skills few software production companies can match. The DDA studios, located just outside of Philadelphia, employ state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced software development expertise to move from innovative concepts to richly interactive software that proves its value in the marketplace. From eLearning and CME, 3D computer modeling and animation, graphic design and multimedia production, and custom software programming and design, to the latest in augmented reality application development, DDA is prepared to exceed your expectations. If you want to know more about our concept for an augmented reality Reflexology application, or if you have another idea you feel would be suitable for augmented reality development, contact us today.

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