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VMS, or virtual medical simulation technology, has proven to be an invaluable way to add technological advancements to many critical medical procedures, from advanced diagnosis and training, to visualization that aids robotic surgery during operations. Now, with the introduction of Apple's ARKit, Android's ARCore, and other AR platforms, it's possible for software developers to make new strides in the development of software applications that are more vivid and convincing than ever. Augmented Reality is an immersive 3D computer interface that will now be readily

accessible on any mobile device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device. Users will have access to AR apps for a wide range of uses, and for all types of healthcare and medical concerns. As an award-winning developer of custom mobile software applications for the Healthcare Industry, DDA has been considering a number of ways Augmented Reality can offer vital tools for the health industry to combat the continued blight of smoking across the country. Smoker Lungs is one concept we believe will have a broad and immediate positive impact.


Medical organizations are always looking for more innovative and persuasive ways to convince their patients to discontinue their smoking habit, so new software applications that allow them to visualize the damage they are doing to their bodies is especially relevant for new AR development. Smoker Lungs provides immediate tools for visualizing a patient's current status, as well as new tools for investigating possible outcomes if they curb their use or completely give up the habit.


We often don't make a change in our daily regimen, even when we know it could be damaging for our health in the long term. Smoker Lungs can be an app that places users directly in touch with the future consequences of their smoking habit, and encourages many thousands away from their continued use and indulgence in this self destructive and unhealthy activity.


The Smoker Lungs app will be accessible across any online device. A doctor, nurse, or patient can scan the patient's chest, input their current smoking rate, years of smoking, and age, and use the app to simulate live imagery of their current condition, like a vivid, interactive simulation of an X-ray or MRI display, with enhanced 3D computer graphics that show the biological realities of the smoking habit in full color. The display can be used to highlight particular conditions, like unwanted accretions, build up of fluids, tar deposits, damaged tissue, and potential problem areas where cancer may develop. A patient's future condition can then be displayed as a possible outcome of continued smoking, with graphics that dynamically update to indicate what could occur. The benefits of cold turkey or lessened use can also be displayed, with progressive improvement dramatically displayed for motivation and incentive.

DDA has a broad and distinguished experience with custom software application development for medical organizations. DDA introduced its first augmented reality project in 2009, and won the Tabby Award in 2012 and 2014 for its ground-breaking healthcare applications. DDA continues to innovate, with robust solutions that prove their value in a competitive marketplace. DDA's facilities are located just outside of Philadelphia, and its team of highly experienced professionals works with its clients to hone in on the perfect combination of platform and any special features necessary to deliver results that exceed the expectations of clients the end users. Because DDA produces all of the work in house, operations are kept streamlined and cost effective while ensuring the seamless integration of all features and a fully tested, perfected user experience. If you are interested in hearing more about Smoker Lungs, or if you have another AR concept you would like to develop with DDA, contact us today.

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