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Stationary Bike Travel

The landscape for Augmented Reality applications is wide open, with opportunities for all types of innovative concepts across business, manufacturing, and industry. With its vivid, immersive, and interactive 3D computer interface, Augmented Reality will be used for advanced virtual medical simulations, machine assembly and operation, and entertainment to suit any age group and interest. Everyday concerns will also be enhanced by Augmented Reality applications, including those for diet, nutrition, and exercise. As leading developers of

custom software, with award-winning experience with mobile software application development for the Healthcare industry, DDA is excited about the new platforms that are making Augmented Reality more accessible across all mobile devices, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free option. Apple's ARKit and other competing platforms have opened up cost effective implementation of AR concepts that can reach anyone using an online device, and allow users to participate in the many benefits of the Augmented Reality interface.


While the stationary bike is a hugely popular and effective method to improve one's cardiovascular health, it can often be a monotonous experience, and many health clubs have responded, with spinning classes and mounted televisions positioned for their patrons to enhance the activity. Now, with Augmented Reality, it will be easier than ever to place a user into a programmable, customizable, and exciting alternate world while they spin, with options to tour a landscape of their own making, and to their own liking.


Augmented Reality applications excel in situations where one person has access to a precise set of tools to work on one object or activity. Biking is an ideal setting for establishing immersive worlds where the speed of travel is dynamically registered with the unfolding landscape. DDA is excited about many of the potential ways to implement AR into our lives and Stationary Bike Travel is one among many new concepts we believe will enhance the exercise experience and provide an entertaining and popular application for the exercise industry. Whether in a health club setting or the privacy of one's home, Stationary Bike Travel will become a favorite among enthusiasts and bring more enthusiasts to this wholesome and healthy pastime.


Stationary Bike Travel will work something like this: a user will place their online device in front of them, or employ a headset or glasses, and access the application while seated on the bike. A menu of pre-created landscapes will be available, as well as a menu for the user to customize the features of their landscape. The options could range from an immersive tour in southern France to a historical tour through an ancient land. You could tour though an abstract Caligari, Tron, or Matrix-like environment, or one that changes dynamically to your spinning rate. The environment will have the capability to update in real-time, with photorealistic graphics that are vivid and seamlessly integrated into your unique camera perspective. Floating text and charts can update you on your performance, and you can actively switch out one environment for another.

DDA launched its first AR project in 2009, and now, with the widespread availability of mobile devices with millions of skilled interface users, the time for AR development has never looked more promising. Our team of highly experienced professionals can take on any custom software development challenge and incorporate any special features necessary to complete the project. Conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia, we provide one of the most comprehensive skillsets of any production company, either nationally or locally. We do all of our work in-house and do not outsource to outside parties. Whether the project requires 3D computer modeling and animation, complex database management, or e-learning programs that incorporate certifications and other features, DDA is prepared to deliver a result that exceeds expectations and delivers cost effective, long term value. If you want to know more about Stationary Bike Travel, or how Augmented Reality software applications can enhance your business, we'd be pleased to schedule a time to discuss AR and its potential with you.

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