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Advanced technologies continue to assist surgeons in their efforts to provide cutting edge capabilities, and augmented reality is about to make a major contribution to the practice and craft of surgical procedures. Like endoscopy, the ability to use additional interactive visualization tools enables surgeons to develop techniques that more precisely target areas in the body, and augmented reality is a flexible and interactive 3D software interface that gives surgeons even more visualization tools during the procedure. VMS, or virtual medical simulation, has grown in recent years, with the advent of 3D computer modeling and animation and better immersive technologies. Augmented reality will be able to integrate different types of informational data, both textual and graphical, into one complete package that guides surgeons through a detailed procedure and establishes a central information source with real-time dynamic data delivery.

New AR platforms introduced for use on smartphones, tablets, and hands-free devices have opened up the field for AR custom mobile software development, and DDA is excited about the prospects for innovative design and development. DDA is one of the leading creators of award-winning healthcare and medical apps in the software development community, and introduced its first AR project back in 2009. Now, with Apple's ARKit and others, anyone with a smartphone will be able to access immersive augmented reality applications for a wide range of purposes. New AR applications can be developed to provide advanced surgical training across a much wider spectrum of potential surgeons, or focused entirely on an exclusive roster of trainees, depending on the type of procedure. Immersive capabilities include photorealistic rendering with shadows, reflections, and other effects that update in real time and shift with the subtle changes in one's viewpoint, audio and textual prompts that appear on screen and sit within the 3D perspective of the viewer, and more. Computer-generated 3D avatars can act as teachers or even virtual patients.

There are options for students to work on virtual patients with real or virtual tools for a cost-effective immersive experience within a real clinical environment, and the potential to track student performance with great precision in a more hands-on format than was previously available. Certification programs can be implemented after a student performs a requisite number of procedures successfully, allowing them to move on to the next phase of the instruction process. The ability to implement highly customizable training for advanced surgery that leverages existing clinicial environments and/or medical devices combined with simulated patients allows clinicians to experience much of the same sensory cues they would meet in clinical practice, with no risk and drastically reduced costs relative to other education and training methods. AR surgery applications therefore offer the potential for wider participation in training protocols, and the establishment of accepted procedural standards that can be more easily overseen by the relevant medical administration officials.

As experienced professionals in the development of custom mobile software for medical and healthcare applications, DDA is dedicated to delivering the best possible results and exceeding the expectations of our clients and their patients. DDA is conveniently located just outside Philadelphia, and has some of the most comprehensive capabilities of any software production company around. DDA's team of full-time degree-holding software designers, programmers, graphic designers, webmasters, writers, and multimedia specialists can produce and integrate any of the special features necessary to complete an interactive multimedia project, and does not outsource any part of the project to others. This way, we keep costs low, while maintaining optimum communication with the client and ensuring a completely integrated and flawlessly functional end result. If you have a specific surgical program you would like to implement in augmented reality, or if you would like to hear more about how AR is poised to transform how surgery training and education is done, contact us today.

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