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Augmented reality was developed as a method for surgeons to acquire real time data in a seamless and immediate interface. By combining virtual graphics with a camera view, surgeons could review information without moving their eyes away from the surgical site. While used only in limited areas, such as robotic surgery, the introduction of Apple and Android's new AR development platforms, named ARKit and ARCore respectively, opens up the opportunity to develop AR applications that can reach anyone with a smartphone or tablet.

Now it's possible to create augmented reality applications for all kinds of medical and healthcare activities, and to provide medical training across the entire industry. As a leader in augmented reality, has a number of new concepts that focus on the design and development of medical augmented reality applications. With extensive experience in VMS, or virtual medical simulation, is ideally situated to guide their clients through the augmented reality landscape. Surgical Technician AR is one of the augmented reality medical concepts believes can provide immediate practical value to the health care industry.


As the most advanced field of medical practice, surgery is challenging on all fronts; hand eye coordination, time and information management, technology and equipment, and a detailed knowledge of anatomy and medicine. The training required to assist in an operating room is considerable, and Surgical Technician AR is a concept with a focus on building the skills, knowledge, and procedural experience required of a surgical technician. Augmented reality offers some distinct advantages that can serve a larger pool of prospective professionals.


Surgical Technician AR has the potential to offer a new generation of users a way to train as a surgical technician, opening the path for more medical training applications that take full advantage of the augmented reality interface. As developers find more ways to combine the features and capabilities of AR with the needs of the medical and healthcare community, more innovation will benefit the future of medical AR software.


Surgical Technician AR is a training and orientation application that guides users through the experience of a surgical technician's day, and the various tasks he will routinely perform. The application will engage users in training by using a "day in the life" format to familiarize users to the demands of the job. Trainees will be guided through general preparation, OR room setup, and breakdown, and be guided through the sequencing of tools to be used in the operation, with instant feedback provided to reinforce approval of adherence to protocol and correct mistakes as needed. By training in an actual OR environment with actual surgical instruments, Surgical Technician AR augments the real world with virtual graphics, providing real time floating text, operational arrows and diagrams, and virtual methods to test a user's skill and evaluate their performance. Surgical Technician AR can also be used in a real world context to offer reminders during a procedure, providing real time information tracking for technicians during each phase of their day.

Surgical Technician AR

Preparing the Day

  • scrubs
  • washing procedures
  • instruments
  • supplies
  • sutures

Opening an OR

  1. laying out bedding
  2. blades
  3. bovie tips
  4. needles

Work During Operation

Use different instruments in sequence and test the user to make sure they have picked up the right one.

Sending Down Procedures

  1. cleanup
  2. waste disposal


DDA created in response to the advent of widespread availability and access through smartphone and tablet applications. With its first augmented reality application in 2009, has made significant contributions in nearly all forms of digital interactive multimedia design and development. won Tabby Awards in both 2012 and 2014 for two of its own original tablet applications, in addition to multiple awards for interactive web design and search engine marketing.

By using a logical and iterative approach, a vertically integrated team of professional designers, programmers, and multimedia specialists handle every aspect of the project in house. Keeping full control of the project allows to keep clients fully informed during each phase of the process, resulting in a fully integrated and tested product that performs flawlessly across every platform to every device. Whether the project requires continuing medical education (CME) and other eLearning platforms to videos, animations, mobile apps, and more, will meet and exceed your expectations. Learn more about Surgical Technician AR, and start taking advantage of the benefits and features of augmented reality. Contact today.

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