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New software application development is taking increasing advantage of the benefits afforded by augmented reality. As an immersive and interactive 3D interface, augmented reality holds great promise for all types of applications and for all types of industries, from advanced training programs, machine assembly and operation, to applications for everyday life. As one of the leading innovators in the field of experiential marketing, DDA has been at the forefront of custom mobile software application development, and would like to share

some of AR's features, as well as some concepts we think are bound to make a difference in the medical and healthcare community. DDA has many clients in the medical and healthcare community, and our extensive experience with medical concerns has led us to consider several AR concepts of critical value for doctors, therapists, surgeons, nurses, and patients. The New You is a concept that monitors a patient's progress and improvement over time, and allows a patient to review the benefit of the treatment or exercise regime.


Patient interface, and tools that enhance patient experience, will always be a valuable addition to any doctor's office or hospital setting. For example, the advent of the mobile device, whether it's a laptop, smartphone or a tablet, allows patients to review their medical data while waiting for treatment, and to access the internet for topics related to their particular health condition. Now, with the advent of new AR platforms like Apple's ARKit, Android's ARCore, and others, anyone with a mobile, online device will be able to access augmented reality applications that put information within a 3D context, one that meshes seamlessly with the camera's perspective.


As more people begin to use the 3D interfaces and interactive features in augmented reality applications, new concepts like The New You will be readily incorporated into the traditional doctor-patient consultation, and act as an essential feature of the relationship. More patients and doctors can effectively track the therapeutic process onto the patient, with visualization tools and data acquisition of unprecedented performance and vividness.


The New You can be used by the doctor or the patient, and will act as a way to enhance their interaction. A doctor can access the application from their mobile device and scan the patient. The augmented reality display will show the before and after of any particular procedure, showing a side-by-side comparison of the final result with the initial examination. Results can be tracked over time. A patient can also make use of the application with a record of each exam to monitor their progress. The augmented reality format can be deployed in any number of ways and with any number of visual features. Floating text can be introduced, as well as audio information. 3D avatars can guide patients through an examination process. 3D computer animation effects can be used for x-ray or MRI-like displays that can be layered over the patient with photorealistic shadows and reflections that update in real time. Whether it's a side-by-side comparison of weight loss or increased muscle strength, or a comparison between one MRI and another, both can be used to match up the visual data directly onto the patient for a more visceral experience of the information that effectively communicates the reality of the patient's condition and encourages better self-care.

DDA launched its first augmented reality project back in 2009, and has been crafting custom software tools and experiences for the internet since its inception. DDA provides an exceptional number of software development services for a wide range of organizations and businesses, serving both international and local clients. DDA's team of experienced professionals can take on any software development challenge, no matter how complex or sophisticated. DDA's studios, located just outside of Philadelphia, feature the latest interactive multimedia development technogy, and its skilled and multitalented staff has the capability to produce nearly any custom software features in house. This way, DDA's development tracks closely with client needs at all stages of production, containing costs by eliminating wasted time pursuing unfavorable approaches to the work. Whether the project requires 3D computer modeling and animation, database management, eLearning portals, or custom software design and programming, DDA will create a final product that delivers on innovation and robust performance, and a user experience that is engaging, dynamic, and memorable. If you would like to know more about how The New You will work, or how augmented reality will have a significant and valuable impact on medical organizations going forward, contact DDA today to learn more.

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