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Veterinary Portable Diagnostics

Augmented reality applications are being introduced into the market more frequently now that both Apple and Android have launched ARKit and ARCore, their AR development platforms. ARKit and ARCore make it possible for anyone with smartphone, tablet, or AR eyewear to access augmented reality apps by using the camera as the source of the interface. By opening up the possibilities of this exciting 3D interface to a wider audience, augmented reality will find innovative solutions for many applications where advanced visualization systems aid in detection and medical treatment. For example, portable diagnostics like the iKnife are now using mass spectrometry to scan patients for early signs of cancer.
As leaders in the field of augmented reality, DDA would like to introduce a number of concepts that we think have great value for the immediate future, in the medical industry and specifically in specialties like Veterinary Medicine. The new visualization methods used in portable diagnostics for people will enjoy many opportunities for veterinary diagnosis and treatment as well, and DDA believes augmented reality will be the key interface for Veterinary Portable Diagnostics, whether it will be delivered over the smartphone, tablet, AR eyewear, or specialized diagnostic hardware.


Visualization systems have traditionally been employed in medicine to aid in the discovery of disease or injury, and now these techniques can be applied in ways that speed up the time of detection and subsequent treatment. There will also be tools to facilitate common procedures and make the job easier for clinicians to treat pets. Pet owners will be able to monitor the health of their pet more closely and determine if they might need to contact a vet earlier rather than later.


For many pets and their owners, a trip to the vet is not high on their list of favorites, yet high quality veterinary care is an important part of the health and life of a pet. Veterinary Portable Diagnostics make it possible, as portable diagnostics do in other medical settings, to avoid long wait times for treatment, provide an avenue for professionals to offer their services online, make effective diagnoses without the need for a visit, and shorten the time span between problem and solution.


Clinical apps for scanning, identifying, and diagnosing pet diseases

Clinicians can access diagnostic apps through their iPhone or Android smartphone. A mobile app would be ideal for field work and house calls, where veterinarians could make a detailed scan of the animal and link it back to their medical history. In the clinical setting, portable diagnostics can be used to communicate procedures and problems areas on the animal with graphics to augment the diagnosis. For example, describing a surgical procedure or a chronic health issue can incorporate graphics that are layered over the animal. Diagnostic results can be explained with dynamically updating graphics like real-time simulated x-ray, ultrasound, or MRI-type of data. Charts, text, and other graphics can be layered into the setting, offering a session with a greater level of information delivered in a real time format. Diagnostic information can be dynamically linked to a database and compared for a timeline, and pet owners can start to enjoy the same level of veterinary care for their as they can now expect with the new generation of AR telemedicine apps we see coming over the horizon.

DDA is an augmented reality application development company that focuses on innovative solutions for the medical and healthcare community. DDA is conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia, crafting online experiences, virtual medical simulations, and augmented reality projects that combine ingenuity with optimized performance. DDA received the Tabby Award for the Best Healthcare iPad App of 2012, and launched its first AR project in 2009. DDA's vertically integrated studios, staffed by a team of professional software programmers and designers, graphic designers and multimedia specialists, and 3D modelers and animators, have developed a skill set that can handle any type of project in house, whether it involves extensive database management, eLearning and certification programs, 3D computer modeling and animation, graphic design and multimedia production, or any type of custom software design and programming. By avoiding outsourcing, DDA makes fully tested and integrated mobile apps that results in a robust and effective end user experiences across every platform and to each and every device.

If you would like to know more about DDA's augmented reality app for Veterinary Portable Diagnostics, or if you are thinking about another concept for augmented reality, contact us today.

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