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Some of the most advanced medical surgeries have already incorporated augmented reality into their process, and new developments are going to bring this exciting and innovative 3D computer interface to other surgical fields. Apple and Android have introduced their respective AR development platforms, ARKit and ARCore, and now it's possible for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to access augmented reality apps using the camera as the source of the interface. A new generation of AR eyewear will be equipped with hands-free applications for a wide variety of industries and activities, with the capability of reaching a far wider audience. The greater feasibility for AR development makes this an exciting time in the software industry. DDA is a leading software developer with extensive experience in serving medical organizations, and feels there are many types of medical specialties that could be well served by innovative augmented reality software applications.


Veterinary practice has advanced in tandem with many aspects of modern medicine, incorporating many of the most successful new methods to reduce the impact of surgery on animals. To simplify and speed up procedures, facilitate information delivery during the extremely focused and time-driven surgical process, and to provide a level of care previously unattainable, augmented reality can act as the crucial link between the surgeon and the real-time computer data used to support the procedure.


Augmented reality will likely replace conventional displays of data through their various separate readouts and charts, and centralize the source of all patient data. Limbs and organs, incision and injection points, and vital signs can all be layered directly into view. All procedural data, process checklists, microscopic controls, and augmented displays systems like x-rays layered directly over the patient will also be directed through one augmented reality application.


Augmented reality veterinary surgical apps will offer state-of-the-art visualization methods to improve surgical accuracy, reduce operating times, and act in concert with laparoscopic and endoscopic technology for less invasive surgical procedures. For example, the ability to layer over x-ray data directly over an animal's limb in real time, with additional opportunities to highlight venous and arterial systems, nerves, and discreet organs with modern 3D graphics, aids in integrating the graphics with the real-world view for a more fluid experience of the information enhancements. Now, a surgeon doesn't have to glance away for a display screen, but rather can see it correlated directly over the pet requiring surgery. Augmented reality veterinary surgical apps have the potential to be the interface for the next generation of Cam-c technology advancing the practice of veterinary surgery.

DDA has produced numerous projects that help medical practitioners have a greater understanding of their practice through the use of interactive multimedia applications. DDA pioneered the field of VMS, or virtual medical simulation technology, and believes augmented reality will have much to offer the medical world in the near future. DDA introduced its first AR project in 2009, and received the Tabby Award for the Best Healthcare iPad App of 2012. DDA is conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia. DDA's vertically integrated studio combines innovation with robust performance by using a logical step-by-step process that keeps our clients fully informed during the development process. DDA has established one of the most comprehensive skill sets of any medical augmented reality app company anywhere, with a team of experienced professional software programmers and designers, graphic designers and multimedia specialists, and 3D modelers and animators. DDA does all of its work in house, with no outsourcing, thereby streamlining production and ensuring a fully integrated and tested final result, one that results in a seamless and satisfying end user experience, across every platform and to every device.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities with an experienced medical augmented reality app company, count on DDA to show you the way. Contact us today.

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