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Augmented reality applications are beginning to become increasingly more prevalent in many industries that can take advantage of this immersive and interactive 3D interface. The introduction of ARCore and ARKit, Android and Apple's AR development platforms, has opened up the possibilities for more widespread implementation and use. While many people have already experienced augmented reality on their TV screen with the first-down markers and other graphics projected onto the field of professional NFL broadcasts, augmented reality has also been used for advanced medical applications such as robotic surgery. The advent of widespread use in the medical and healthcare field is upon us, and, as leading developers of virtual medical simulations, DDA is pleased to introduce a number of augmented reality concepts for the veterinary profession we feel would provide great value in a cost-effective platform with a great future ahead.

Augmented reality offers a way for veterinary students and pet owners to participate in virtual training programs. A series of simulation sessions can be accessed via your smartphone or tablet. For students, a new generation of augmented reality eyewear will provide hands-free access to AR functionality. Augmented reality differs from virtual reality in some significant ways. The most important difference is that virtual reality constructs a world that is autonomous and independent of your lived reality, while augmented reality layers simulated objects plus graphic and other information onto the view from your smartphone's camera. Applications can engage users in many types of veterinary activities, from surgical training for vets, to personal telemedical pet care for pet owners. Veterinary apps can be used for scanning, identifying, and diagnosing problems, locating injection points, and more. Just as the medical profession has developed portable diagnostic platforms to facilitate the diagnostic process, veterinarians have the opportunity to develop new applications and associated hardware for portable diagnostics for use by professionals and pet owners alike. The next generation of Cam-c technology employs AR techniques to layer x-ray and other anatomical data directly over the animal for surgery and other precision tasks. Augmented reality is making some real advances in the telehealth industry, where users can access doctors online, scan pet bodies for diagnoses, and collapse the time between health issues and high quality treatment. Pet emergency response telemedicine applications can serve as a more medically oriented Pet Professor, another one of our augmented reality concepts. DDA believes the veterinary profession will use augmented reality apps to improve the immersive quality of training simulation, facilitate diagnoses, and reduce the number of times needed to visit the vet, all while providing vets with the tools to help their clients and their pets enjoy a more dynamic and responsive level of care.

DDA is an augmented reality medical mobile app company with extensive experience serving healthcare organizations, including a long list of satisfied repeat clients. DDA is located just outside Philadelphia, and takes a measured approach to innovation that couples creativity with prudence. DDA's vertically integrated studio possesses a comprehensive set of skills that enables all of the work to be created in house, without resorting to third parties. By avoiding outsourcing, DDA streamlines the production process, controls costs, and tracks closely with client needs and expectations. The final product is always fully tested to ensure a rewarding, satisfying, and consistent experience across every platform and for every device. If you are in the veterinary profession and would like DDA to guide you through the augmented reality development landscape, count on DDA to exceed your expectations. Whether the project requires database development, eLearning and certification programming, 3D computer modeling and animation, graphic design and multimedia, video production, or any type of custom software programming and design, DDA has what it takes to get it done right. If you want to know more about how augmented reality is poised to transform the veterinary industry, contact us today.

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