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Medical Web AR Apps

The introduction of new technology in healthcare continues to advance the quality of medical services, and the advent of smart devices such as tablets and smartphones has offered new software development opportunities that were previously unavailable. The opportunity to develop apps that can be readily accessed anywhere, and at any time, has changed the way information is structured and received.

AR, or augmented reality, has also provided another opportunity for web-based software to develop user experiences and to offer an exciting prospect for clients seeking to make these apps more cost effective. By establishing an AR platform for the development of new medical and healthcare apps, medical institutions can create a dynamic immersive learning environment for their students and prospective clinicians, provide updated information to their doctors and nurses, and offer new telecare features for their patients.

What is web AR?

First popularized by Pokemon Go, Augmented reality uses the camera on a smartphone or tablet as its interface. When an AR app is accessed online, the camera view is able to link virtual computer graphics into the user's environment. A dynamic interaction between the real world and application-specific computer data is created, one ideally suited to in-situ instruction and real time information delivery. Vivid, photorealistic 3D computer graphics, with shadows and reflections that adjust in real time, floating text labels that can be associated with real world objects, floating data, charts, and graphic markers can all be employed to enhance the user's experience.

While the immersive potential of augmented reality is well known, what remains unrealized is its potential for a new paradigm of online instruction and cost effective app development. In a time where the working and instructional environment is undergoing significant changes, web-based augmented reality may well prove to be the most efficacious way to introduce new apps for the medical industry. The attributes of augmented reality, used in concert with advanced AI tools such as avatars and chatbots equipped with conversational design, can establish a working environment where users can interact with an avatar, ask questions, and receive orientation to the full set of tools available. This way, AR-based learning platform can lower the learning curve, and reduce the complexity normally required to introduce an app to the market.

Web-based AR can achieve a new dimension of engagement for the user, and helps medical organizations reinforce their identity through unique, cutting edge user experiences, whether they are geared toward the patient, clinician, or prospective medical professionals. Web AR offers much more flexibility than native app AR, with less financial investment and development time. The widespread availability of smartphones and tablets allows anyone to take advantage of AR effects, with no download or installation required. is a company exclusively dedicated to the development of online augmented reality apps. Their team of software programmers, designers, and multimedia specialists possess a uniquely comprehensive skill set that empowers their clients to take full advantage of augmented reality's potential for detailed online remote learning and advanced in-situ instruction. As a leader in the development of cost-effective apps for the medical training and healthcare industries, has extensive experience in the delivery of cost effective, dynamic, and useful software. Let guide you through the web AR landscape to discover new solutions to medical challenges, and to realize practical advantages for your medical organization. If you'd like to know more about how web-based augmented reality can help your medical organization achieve its goals, contact today.

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